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The Market updates have been something we have been doing on a weekly basis for quite a while. In fact, if you want to see the Market Updates we have produced in the past, just head over to our Main Valencia CA real estate website and type into the MacBoX the words, "Market updates".

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That is a "category" on our Top Real Estate sellers at REMAX of Valencia CA blog (that's a mouth full... :) )

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So, when you type the words market updates into the macBoX you are seeing everything that is within that category.

Median Prices in Valencia CA areas

Today on our Valencia Community real estate blog,, we wrote the Local Santa Clarita Median housing prices for Single Family residences as they had been recorded for last week as compared to this week.

We deduced that we, the Santa Clarita Valley cities, are still increasing in price with regard to home sales - for a majority of our cities. However, there were a few cities that had a "flat" price trend in place.

How about REMAX Relocation?

Last week, I received a call from a man that lives in Ohio. Apparently, while he was surfing the www for Relocation services, he came across our REMAX relocation website, at

While there, he discovered something about our systems. We have access to all of the listings that are within Southern California for search. In addition, it seemed that the data we provided was "cleaner" than the information he had been finding on the Real estate syndication websites.

I was excited and told Frank - I'd be writing about our conversation - so here it is. Apparently Frank is the head of their HR department (human relations), and is in charge of Relocation. While he had no one specifically to relocate, he was just making connections because apparently Valencia CA is the next on his Companies list, he seemed happy to have connected with me.

I love Happy Endings :)

What do you say to that - making people happy and being able to answer their questions. That's me 100%. That is also our real estate team 100%, I'm excited and please let us know when you are ready for our help or when you want to move...