School information for Santa Clarita CA

Those that have school aged children are very concerned with regard to how the schools score.  When we speak with the Santa Clarita real estate interested, and when they have children, we always field questions related to the Schools in specific neighborhoods.

When searching for real estate - we have a couple of different options when it comes to Schools, their boundaries versus the actual real estate listings for sale within them.

Here is a link to our Full Page School Boundary search for all of the Southern California Cities - Including the Schools versus the homes, condo's and town-homes for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

After the School Boundary map loads - you can then add the properties and listings that you are looking for by price range, type, bedrooms and bathroom configurations. - All with a few clicks of a mouse.


There is great value in owning real estate near good schools. Homes that are located in good school districts and homes that are within a close proximity to good schools are worth more than nearby homes in a lesser known or lower scoring district. If it has been said one time, it has been said a million times, location is everything when it comes to real estate.

Regardless of whether or not you, as a home buyer, have a family, have children who are grown, or never intend to have children, if you look at your home as an investment you will stand to make more money from your home if you are located near quality education. Good schools matter to buyers and many people with children move to be in a better district. Of course, on the flip side, buying a home in a good school district will cost you more as well.

Maintaining your investment is an important part of buying a home, and a very good reason to use a REALTOR. A REALTOR should know the area in which you are looking better than anyone. He should be able to point out the pluses and minuses of each neighborhood and should have access to report cards on all area schools. Location is important and schools are very relevant to home values.

A final note.  Work with Local Real Estate Experts.  Make sure those you are choosing to represent you with the largest investment of your life are intimate with the areas and cities.

Although we are HQ'd in the Santa Clarita Valley.  I worked every bureau with the City of Los Angeles - LAPD.  I was one of those "rare" officers that had actually been to each and every station, there were 18 at the time, spanning all of the square miles that make us Los Angeles(233 if memory serves).

However, enforcing laws in those areas - being inside of many residences and running through backyards during the hours of darkness - helped a little when representing buyers and sellers.

It only came together with real estate when I started in the business back in 1998, chasing a bad guy through a backyard in the middle of the night, while exciting, does not make a Great Real Estate Agent.

Time on the job coupled with closing transactions and knowledge while keeping client satisfaction at a Very high level... That makes a GREAT real estate agent.