We have a seller resource and property owner system which will allow you to know more than most oSanta Clarita home statisticsf the "local realtors" as to what is happening in real estate around your home.

It's our Market Snapshot system and we pay for it and give it to our real estate sellers, while their home is for sale, and our past home buyers...

The system does a fantastic job at keeping track of the homes, condos and townhomes that are in close proximity to your home. It is a system in which I am able to customize your report and have it alert you.

The "Alerts" apply to any changes in your local neighborhood within the listing realm. At a glance, you will be able to see the following Real Estate Housing Market Indicators:

  • Average asking price of similar properties

  • Average Sold price and indicators in percentages of higher or lower offering prices

  • Average Days on Market for all comparable homes

  • Homes for Sale indicator - Increases and Decreases in Homes for Sale - establishing if it's a Seller's or a Buyer's Market

  • Comparable Listing Views - New for Sale - For Sale - Sold - Pending - and Expired/Cancelled listings!

Our Market Snapshot system has proven to keep our sellers and past home buyers in the "know" when they are wanting to keep updated as to their neighborhood real estate market. Each feature of our Home Value Monitoring system has a "details" button -  you will be able to get super valuable information in a detailed form if desired!

I'm Connor - I'm glad to be of service to you with regard to your real estate needs. Please reach out to me when you are ready for me to be of GREAT assistance.

If you are not our client, haven't been our client, and are a homeowner or want to simply be updated as to what is going on in your specific neighborhood - fill out the form above and you will get what you are seeking!