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Foreclosures are down

Foreclosures are down to the lowest levels since 2008.  A news story this AM on the net. I have to agree, in fact, we have seen our local market rise as a result of the banks not "undercutting the market" on purpose to get the "multiple offer scenario" to occur.

We have also been working with several clients that have come over from other's in the real estate representation world.

Each of the clients we receive needs to sit down with Myself or one of my team members and discuss the market, the strategy we are going to implement and of course - their Needs.

Real Estate Agents Video Blog

Video Blog - We have one and it is going to be posted here when we do our Video Updates. A side note, I record when I'm feeling good about myself - today's video was taken while waiting in a Starbucks Drive Through at Copperhill and Newhall Ranch Road.

If you frequent that local Starbucks - You may know Rich, Merilyn, Nicole, Zach, Casey and the rest of the crew..  They are a lot of fun and always smiling...

Sharpening your Edge...

I suppose for a sword to be effective - it should have a sharp edge. The edge should be free of any imperfections - the more refined the edge and the better the steel equates to a better blade.

The Roman Broad Sword cut two ways.  It was sharpened on both sides of the blade versus the samurai Sword, which had a sharp edge on only one side.

If I were hiring a real estate agent or team, I'd want them razor sharp on both sides and able to cut "both ways".

Meaning - having the Technological Know how to put my home, I'm wanting them to sell, in front of more eyeballs than any other agent or team.  Secondly, having the "connections" to assist me as a buyer get what I want faster and for a better deal than any other Realtor in the Game.

Be safe - Search well and let us know when you are ready for our help with your Real Estate Needs.