When a seller is motivated and wants to sell their home it confounds many a buyer that the seller would only show their home by "appointment only".

There could be several reasons for this, here are a few in an attempt to clear the water:

  • Children with special needs - Naps, home schooling and bouts with sickness could make an appointment only showing Santa Clarita appointment onlynecessary.
  • Elderly - It may be that one of the Owners/Tenants/occupants need time to remove themselves from the home or have a set schedule that they'd like the agent's to adhere to.
  • Pets - It may not be enough to leave the dog in the back yard, they could be vicious and need to be removed from the premises fully to save from potential lawsuits.
  • Restricted Access - These could be tenant occupied properties - where the tenants are not being understanding with the seller wanting to sell their home.
  • Short Sales - In this scenario - the seller sometimes is not in a hurry and the agent is going to want to attempt to bring their own buyer to the table - they may make the showing appointment only to curtail potential buyers.

The last one - regarding short sales needs some further explaining. While this is not a kosher scenario and practice - we see it time and again.  The only way to determine if this is the case is by your real estate agent contacting the agent representing the short sale seller.

After that contact is made, they can play interrogator and get to the bottom of why the short sale listing is being shown by appointment only.

There could be other "valid" reasons why a home may be shown by "appointment only".  It is always up to the seller on how they want their home shown. It could be they don't trust the lockbox.  It may be that they require their agent to be present during each and every showing.

Reach out to your agent to get to the bottom of why.  Be Safe - please let us know when you are ready to interview our Local Santa Clarita real estate team of agents with REMAX's Paris911 Team.  We will surprise you, I'm sure...  Talk soon.