When real estate interest rates go up, some panic.  Some hunker down and become paralyzed, and some focus.

santa clarita real estate daily showNo matter what type of home buyer you are, make sure you have gotten back in touch with your lending professional.

And - start to wonder if they have not reached out to you since rates have increased over a full percentage point... :)

Let them know you are still having your real estate agent hunt for homes that fit your needs and ask them if your "approved for" amount has changed?

For a buyer that was able to purchase at 400k - they are cut down to 355k with a 1% increase in interest rates - from 3.5 to 4.5%.

Something you should be aware of, Lenders are only as good as their ability to help their clients.  We have a resource that will help you find the BEST Santa Clarita Lenders from a local agent's point of view.

Thanks for listening to the rest of our Santa Clarita CA Real Estate radio show.  We talked about other stuff too :)