The question of the day is what do I do Mr. Mrs. Realtor, if a new buyer shows up at my door without an agent?

Here is how we prepare our sellers before we place their home onto the market for sale.

It matters not whether the home we have been entrusted to sell is a Single Family Residence, Condo or Town-home.  It is all the same "safety speech".

First - Always make sure your "stuff" is hidden from sight from those that are visiting your home.  Agents are pretty solid when it comes to pre-qualifying their clients, getting to know them and knowing what they are about before they show them home number 1.  However, not all real estate agents have attended the same school :-)  Some agents will get a call from an "unknown" client who found a listing on the Internet for sale.  With very few additional questions from the "agent", they will meet this "unknown buyer" at the property they have expressed interest in. I am sure you can see the dangers of conducting business in this manner.  However, day in and day out, it is done by the "hungriest of RealReal Estate agents Estate Agents".  Put your personal belongings, jewelry, watches, change jar, and other items out of view from the home visitor.

Second - Never allow anyone into your home without them first obtaining the key out of the "computerized lock box".  This "lock box" tracks who's key(which realtor) opened the box, at what date and at what time. Then it also records when the key holder was returned and snapped into place.  It cannot tell us if a key was removed - but the next agent, showing the property, will most likely call your Real Estate Agent if there is a key absent from the lock box.  During the showing, we get a notification that shows us who the agent was that opened the lock box.

Even if you are outside doing gardening, taking in groceries, or sitting on your porch or patio relaxing, always instruct the agent showing the property to remove the key from the lock-box before proceeding to show the property.

Some Real Estate Agents might gripe a bit at this, especially if you are outside and the front door of the property is wide open.  However, blame this mandate on your agent that gave you the Real estate safety briefing :-)

Third - Don't make any verbal agreements about what you are willing to leave behind, the terms of the sale, or what repairs you are willing to make to anyone viewing the property.  Redirect all inquires back to your Realtor. They will thank you for this. That is why you hired a Realtor in the first place, to do the negotiation that we all know so well.

Fourth - If someone shows up at your door that is not represented by a Realtor or if they say their Realtor is busy - have them call your agent.  The agent will "school" them about viewing a property with their agent not present. If it is a "don't have an agent" scenario - Your Realtor will then pre-qualify them to ensure they are able to buy your home.

Fifth - Business cards. Most agents know the drill, when viewing properties we leave business cards on the counter.  That makes it easy for your Listing Real Estate agent to call to get feedback.  If they don't live up to the "unwritten rule" of leaving a business card. Not all is lost - See Seller Briefing Rule Number 2!

Be safe and usually most of the above issues can be avoided if you are not at home when the showing takes place.  Food for Thought.

What did you think about this post?  Was anything missed in this write up and how do you think any of the process can be improved?

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