Considering Relocation - Maybe you should be able to choose your very own Real Estate agent?

Hard to believe, but some HR(human relations) departments don't let their employee's choose their very own real estate agent to help them move, especially if the Corporation is flipping the bill.

The BEST agents have an "organic" web presence. They are local experts and are at the top's of the search engine results pages(SERP's) without paying for it.

How to search for foreclosures in the Santa Clarita Valley

Or at least not paying for it "directly". We all pay for the hosting of our websites, our blogs, and some(we don't), pay for fees that an SEO Expert would charge.

For "Paying directly", I give you the following examples:

  • Pay per click - you will know the "sponsored" results that are at the top of Google or Bing - they are also down the right side of the search engine result pages. They are those spots that go to the highest bidder. BTW - anyone can get placed here (besides some of the more "questionable" websites ;)
  • Pay for leads - you will recognize these as those websites that charge for the agent's or vendors to join. They have a lot of content and, what I envision as a room full of people banging hammers on skulls, that are writing more content all day long. They also may appear to be directories. These, in the real estate world are the syndication websites.
  • Pay for Closings - These websites, some are also at the tops of the search engines, they charge a referral fee when an agent closes a sale - a percentage %. There is a lot of money to be made from real estate agents - they see this and have the "experts" working for them to keep their website/brand at the top of the SERPS.

There are other examples, but most are easy enough to see when surfing the internet for information about your topic of interest.

The Local real estate agents are the most important resource you can find on-line. When it comes to buying or selling real estate in any local market, the local agents that are building their own web presence are at the top of the Real Estate Chain.

When needing a professional in the area of Relocation to the Los Angeles Metro area, including the suburbs, your HR department may farm you out to a real estate agent that is anything less than a top producing professional.

Unfortunately, they may hook you up with a local Santa Clarita real estate agent that happens to have a relocation account where they pay a certain percentage back to the company that is working with referring realtors to your HR Department for a fee.

Everyone is getting paid except you. Heck, you cannot even get a decent real estate agent that is at the top's of the search engines because they are the local experts.

Ask your HR department if they will allow you to choose your very own realtor or real estate agent. See if they will let the top agent you found to compete against the agent they have on their referral roster.

You will see this can make a HUGE difference in being able to get top dollar for your home - that you are relocating from and the home in which you are going to be buying.

Be safe - search well and let us know if we can help you with anything at all. Including speaking to your HR department and being added to your list.