The word came from the top. We are to cease all real estate meetings, seller interviews and home showings to buyers.

In-Person of course. I'm Google Duo and Zoom ready if you are interested in buying a home or selling one - we can do most things virtually.

No more face to face meetings and mandatory social distancing within our business.

The listings that we have on the market for sale are either going to be put on HOLD or canceled until such a time when this is over.

If there is a real estate listing that you want to see, it will have to be put on hold for now.

That's going to create a strain on the housing market, but the strain of contracting and spreading the virus would be much worse.

For our current sellers I have come up with the following notification:

Hello, my friends. The Board of Realtors in conjunction with the order from the Governor of CA was to cease all real estate activity. No meetings with clients, now showing homebuyers in the re-sale venue of properties for sale, etc.

However, the order deems real estate related construction as necessary - so hence New Homes and the New Builder communities in the Santa Clarita Valley are up and running under full steam.

There are a couple of things that are able to be done to keep your listing fresh and from accruing a long day's market time. It can be canceled, but the real estate sign, if it was placed, will have to remain. The real estate sign installation company is also a non-essential business as viewed by the governor's office.

Or, a better option, would be to place the property on HOLD status. It will still have the historic rendering without you as the home seller being bombarded by those agents who have been paying for data mining services in order to get your personal and private information so they can call in the event of a cancellation.

Non essential Santa Clarita real estate market activityYour personal phone number and email address, when I am hired by you to list and sell your home, are kept from the MLS data and are only on a written contract. That contract is nowhere online and is in a hard paper file in my office. All of your personal information is maintained in that way. However, there are data-mining companies like Spokeo, that allow you to search by a person's name and maybe the last city and state where you remembering them living. 

You may wonder where those websites get that information? They get it because that person entered their information on some website for some reason, probably not remembered.

If you have a discount card for a supermarket - your personal information is also being used by entities that are willing to pay for it.

This Santa Clarita home expert article was not meant to provide a historic record of all things internet, but I have clients which are not as "up to speed" as those of us who do the research and educate our clients as the mainstay of our career.

Your future real estate game plan for Santa Clarita Sellers

If you are a current Santa Clarita home seller or one of those who have been contemplating having the Santa Clarita home experts sell their Santa Clarita home, don't fret.

You can trust the historical view of the economy and look at what changes the stock market has on the real estate market. Typically, when the stock market suffers, people invest in tangible assets - more along the lines of things one can hold in their hand or touch.

Gold/Silver/Platinum and real estate. Those are typically the "Go-To" for those who have little confidence in the Stock Market.

If you have your home on the market now, you have probably been contacted by your real estate agent where they are telling you that your home sale needs to be put on hold or withdrawn from the sales market.

If you want a word of advice - don't let your home go the way of being withdrawn from the for-sale market. This act will initiate the agents who are paying for real estate data getting an email blast that your listing was canceled.

Those agents don't know that there is still a "contract in place" and that you will have your agent reactivate the listing as soon as the pandemic is over, they pay for your information.

They are paying for it and it's not obtained through the agent you hired. That information is taken from you in confidence. 

If you are one of those who's agent talked into having the home is shown through you and not your agent, your phone number is going to be easily accessible. However, if you are not, you will become a victim to those online data research systems and companies.

The best way I can display this to you if for you to do a google/bing inquiry. Do you have a person whom you remember from your childhood? Maybe a teacher or co-worker? Take their name and punch it into google. You will find a lot of the results saying they have found them. 

It's sites such as those who are data mining and giving your personal and private information to agents. I should say they are "selling it" to them.

If you have a listing - have your agent put it on HOLD, don't have them withdraw it, even if they tell you it's under contract.

A home buyer's future real estate plan

You have been looking for a home, condo or townhome for some time. Now with the pandemic, you cannot even get to see any of the homes you wanted in a person.

This is the most recent change by the powers that be.

For future events, homes will be put on hold. The new home centers, seem to be open for operation, at least for now. They are working from the vantage point of "home construction" being a valued resource that is not to be shut down.

Make sure you go to our New Santa Clarita home site and never sign anything, even enter your name, with any new home builder or before viewing the model homes.

Ok, you have been wanting to buy a home but during this pandemic, you cannot view homes in person. That is because the powers that be have put a safety stop on that.

The only way to view any real estate that is for sale is to have your agent do a virtual walkthrough of the home. But, that is a bit short-sighted. This also may stop, it is going to be seller dependent.

If the seller wants their home shown, it will be shown at the seller's risk.

If something happens, it would be a seller issue. So do so at your own risk.

There will be documents for sellers that put them on notice about showing their homes and having their homes shown.

The dangers will probably be put all on them.

I have not seen any such paperwork, but you can rest assured every risk management officer from the local real estate brokerages to those at the national level "realtor" has been activated in order to put together the right language.

Buying or selling homes during the coronavirus - COVID19 pandemic

How long must we endure?

Maybe until my birthday, May 17th - of course, everything happens on my birthday, this would be no exception.

When the peak comes - like China is currently seeing - where no new cases are found, then we will be on the road to recovery.

Watch as the stock market bounces back and watch as those "early traders" that had insider info is brought to justice. JK - they will probably never be brought to justice.

When you are ready to join with the Santa Clarita home experts, reach out to me personally and I will get you on my shortlist. To advise you when things are changing for the better as I will prepare you to list your home for sale or use me to buy a used one or a new one.

I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be of great service.

Covid19 - Coronavirus update 03/22/2020

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CoronaVirus - COVID19

How is this going to impact the real estate market in Valencia California?

By Connor T. MacIvor 03/22/2020

Panic in the streets? No - Not from what I have seen in the Santa Clarita Valley. Except for Costco - Costco seems to be a mess.

I don’t think that Sam's Club was even close - because the last time I went there was mid-February 2020 and it was a walk in the park. 

The only toilet tissue left was the expensive Charmin - I went all out.

CoronaVirus real estate Q and A:

-Is the coronavirus going to impact the prices of homes? Yes - it has the potential to drive prices even higher than where they are. (remember tangible assets…)

-Will the coronavirus increase the time in which it takes to sell a home? Absolutely yes. We observed this at various places in the past with other issues that were not “directly” related to housing - the Fires and last fall of the real estate cycle in 2007. At those times real estate went on hold, not to this extent, but on hold just the same while the financial markets regrouped.

*Remember - when the stock market falters real estate gets stronger especially when you have the ultra-low inventory and the record low-interest rates. Investors jump back into the bond market which lowers interest rates and that creates a refinance market for those who have a mortgage.

-Homes that are on the market are being placed on hold do not show. This varies from broker to broker and could create a legal issue if the virus was contracted from showing a home - then spread - Imagine that lawsuit after being made “woke”?

-Why won’t the real estate market blow up in numbers of listings? Due to the massive refinance market which is a result of the stock market faltering and the bond market becoming stronger, most people won’t be selling their real estate. They will do as they have done historically. They will remain in their homes for some time to come.

-If I want to buy what should I do? Poise yourself - hook up with an agent that can send you the “on hold” listings and see how they may be able to do a virtual showing with you present on the other end of technology, as the Santa Clarita Home Experts do with our clients.

I have been representing home buyers and home sellers since 1998. This is not an issue with housing lender guidelines, lack of oversight related to real estate or is it an issue with excessive inventory where buyers are low in demand. This is something altogether different - Be well and this too shall pass within the next few months - Hang in there, Call Connor for guidance and help!

As taken from our newsletter that is going to be delayed in sending out April 2020.