When searching on-line for real estate, the best real estate sources are those that derive their content directly from the local Boards of Realtors.

Keep updated on the real estate you ownIn Southern California, as you can imagine, there are many Boards of Realtors.

That is why we use an IDX - internet data exchange system.  Our Real Estate search systems, one can be obtained by typing in the letters MLS into our MacBoX at the top real estate website for Santa Clarita Valley, are all fed via the IDX system.

We don't have any of our systems that are syndicated with listings. Everything is current, active and up to date.

However, when you want to keep tabs on the real estate you already own, how can you do it as effectively as searching with a Paris911 real estate website?

Simple, after watching the video you will find out that when an agent has the MLS feed going to a Property Reconissance resource, you have just obtained the BEST real estate data pertaining to that/those you own.

The system that we have placed at SCVintel.com will give you the data directly from the Multiple Listing Service that pertains to your specific real estate.

You have a chance to enter an address, after you fill out some other fields, after a few minutes your Housing Report for your Specific residence will be on it's way to your inbox.

I have also placed examples of the "real estate reports" that are generated via SCVintel.com