Today were going to present the real estate listings that are actually 1 mile away from the Bridgeport marketplace. If you know the Bridgeport marketplace, you will know that it's at the corner of Newhall Ranch Road and McBean Parkway in the city of Valencia California.

Currently, within a 1 mile radius of the Bridgeport marketplace, there are 29 total listings and they're going to consists of condominiums and also townhomes with single-family residences thrown in for good measure.

The  areas that I will talk about first, will be those in Valencia's Bridgeport Communities, because it is within 1 mile radius - let's look in the Bridgeport area itself.

Within Bridgeport there are several tracks that are involved with different types of housing, there is a man-made lake as well, equipped with ducks and everything else you could imagine(almost).

You also notice, if you have been around the Bridgeport area, it does connect with the Paseo system that's located throughout Valencia California.

One of the things that will tell you is for an active adult, and with active children you can definitely move through Valencia without having to encounter many of the city streets or neighborhood streets by sticking to the Paseo's.

So, the first active listing that will talk about is one is located in the Stonypointe part of the Bridgeport area on beachcomber Lane 23305 that properties priced out at $489,000 it is a three bedroom three bathroom home one of those bathrooms happens to be a half. The square footage on the property is 2167 ft.² with and lot size of 3609 ft.². The property has been on the market 13 days.

Looking at the townhomes in Valencia, there are few of those available within a mile of the Bridgeport marketplace as well, one you'll find on Magnolia Ln., #54 that property happens to be in Creekside which is another area within Valencia California just North of Newhall Ranch Road on the west side of McBean Parkway.

This particular properties priced out of $369,900 is a two bedroom two bath property built in 2004 square footage is entering at 1120 square feet, and that lot size that is reflecting on the multiple listing service is somewhat inaccurate because it showing that entire development 44,000 ft.².

The next property will talk about happens to be a condominium on Victoria Ln., #51.  That's in Valencia and that's also in the Valencia Bridgeport area.  That property has been reduced to $308,800 it is a 2+2 just over 1046 ft.².  That lot size is also inaccurate showing the entire area of 52,912 ft.² that property has been on the market 44 days and might be a little bit negotiable. It's definitely important for you to talk to your agent if you're interested in any of these properties.

Basically, what I did is just hit the highlights of the real estate listings that are in close proximity to the Bridgeport marketplace.

I would suggest if you want to get this list, all you have to do is text the word alerts to 661-888-4424, that's text the word alerts to 661-888-4424.  Put Bridgeport marketplace as the city of your choice, when you want to conduct the search and I'll add you to it.