This post started with a phone call.  The area code I did not recognize.  However, I pick up my phone as often as possible.  Answering the phone is usually more important than anything I am doing - except spending time with clients, that is.

Female Voice(FV): Hello, is this Connor MacLivor? (they always mispronounce my name)silicon valley real estate leads

Me: How man I help you?

FV:  Are you still selling real estate in Valencia California?

Me:  Sure Am, it's 5 times harder, but we are still surviving.

FV: That's Great...  We are a Real Estate lead generation company in head quartered in Silicone Valley (then she gave me the name). We have been tracking 347 buyers that are looking to purchase Real Estate in Valencia.  Do you have time to work with some of those buyers?

<-------------Note -Paris would have hung up somewhere in this part of the conversation!

Before you answer, We sell each lead for $75.00, we give you 30 days to secure the buyer/seller, then we will charge you.  If you don't get the buyer/seller secured or if it is a bad lead, you don't pay.

Me: I sure appreciate it, but I am not interested.

FV: Why, you said it yourself, you are merely "surviving" in real estate.

Me: I did say that, but I'm not interested in buying the leads you are generating - Thanks.

FV: Can't you use the extra business?

Me: I am not interested.

FV: Wouldn't a lead that you pay $75 dollars for - that closes escrow and earns you a commission be worth that amount?

Me: It sure would - but I'm not interested.

FV: I cannot believe you are not interested.  We don't have any problems selling this to other real estate agents.

Me: Why don't you give them a call.

FV: You don't know what you are missing out on..  You must be struggling and probably do not have $75.00.

Me: What is your name?

FV: Karla.

Me: Dearest Karla, I receive phone calls from marketing companies often.  They are always selling me leads, contacts, email addresses, phone number lists, Notice of default lists, banner ads, pay per click, seo, and the list goes on and on.  In every single instance, I am not interested.  I am not so arrogant to tell a caller that we are in the top 20 of real estate agents amongst over 2000 in the Santa Clarita Valley.  I am not so prideful to let you know that I have taken the time to figure out SEO and Content Marketing.  I am not so hurtful to want to tell you that Lead Generation companies are a waste of time for real estate agents and they only make the founder of the LG company rich.  In addition, I am not so upfront that I would tell you that the company you work for is doing more damage than helping the consumer.  There is no value, no benefit, and the "leads" personal information is spread all over God's Green Earth to all of the agents that buy into your pitch.  I'm not interested....

FV: (hang up).

Was She Serious?  After she hung up on me, I was wondering how a business of their type, can be successful.  Apparently "Karla"(not her real name), takes her job seriously.  She might have a quota and possibly that "hard close" about me not having $75.00 works.

Confidence in any program, service, or product is really sexy.  Maybe Karla needs a lesson.  Maybe Karla's real estate lead generation company needs to re-train their telemarketers.

Either way - Notice when Paris would have hung up the phone.  I have more patience :-) (at least with telemarketers) - I'm always trying to learn what I can...