While most of the real estate world is sleeping, I am waking everyone up in my home with the "click clacking" of my keyboard. While most detectives are looking for the smoking gun, I am looking for something similar within the real estate news channels that can be passed along to our clients.

The real estate news, that is on the wire, is not much different from yesterday - inventory is still lacking and there are still those that are super frustrated in the buyers realm.

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Yesterday, I received a call from a "do it yourselfer". She considered working with the listing agent, the better option, other than having her very own representative. Paris911.com/ListingAgents

She also had sold her own home back close to the height of the real estate market. I told her that was great and I was happy for her.

After she got done rubbing something in my face that did not bother me in the least - she needed my help.

She had been trying to contact and use the listing agents on a number of properties, thinking she would have the home team advantage, only to find out the listing agents pitted her offer against other offers in order to increase the profit for their sellers.

It seems that sometimes the listing agents may not be the best option. I asked her what I could do and she responded, "you could represent me". I then asked her a question, "who else have you called to "represent you?""

She said she had called 1/2 a dozen other real estate agents and they are all going to be working for her and may the best man/woman - agent win...

I told her that was great but, I cannot have anyone on my team representing anyone that is not loyal to us and us alone. I do appreciate her calling me and if she is ever able to commit to working with a Single Team - Call me back.

She apparently felt funny. After I drew my and my team's line in the sand - she was silent.

We are meeting today at 4pm at my office :)

Be safe - talk soon and enjoy the properties below that are within walking distance to the Bridgeport Marketplace in Valencia CA. Panera Bakery - New Life Church - Heritage Park and Northridge Park are all within walking distance to these homes, condo's and town homes.

I have also published the sold homes so you can see the types and sales prices for future reference.