The LAPD was good to me.  The Citizens of Los Angeles were even better :)

The transition into real estate was interesting to say the least.  If there is one thing that can be said about Law Enforcement from all walks of life - They all respond to a call for help.

We had four levels of "Help" that could be broadcasted by officers needing support personnel to respond to their location.

  • Additional Unit - regular response from an additional unit - putting other units on notice that the incident could escalate.
  • Back up - Broadcast when an LEO wanted to have some "light help", non-combative but verbal (example).
  • Assistance - This one is much more serious - Most viewed this as "very serious" - most of the units in the area started driving this way, one unit was assigned to respond as fast as possible without breaking any rules of the road.
  • Help - This is the top level of "officer needs help".  There was one unit assigned Code 3(lights and siren), more units responded code 3 if requested.

With any of the aforementioned "requests" you could always count on other law enforcement officers, even if they hated the one Santa Clarita real estate help callgenerating the call for help, to respond.

There were never any issues with helping out a Brother or a Sister LEO(law enforcement officer).  It was code, an unwritten rule, something that was expected.

Within real estate there is no "Help Call". Most others are independent contractors and not interested in helping. I thought this to be very interesting and I was glad that Paris was the main "full time" of the business shortly after I entered the real estate on a part time basis in 1998.  I was still all cop at that time.

Paris was tried by fire - was ousted for being new.  Was talked too about splashing too much in a pond and making waves.  She had to endure those situations time and time again.  Looking back at our slow climb to the tops of the Real Estate charts, everything has changed.

We are recognized as being top Realtors due to the amounts of clients we serve, the numbers of homes we sell and the numbers of buyers we are working with at any given time.

The Difference?  We have a different philosophy when it comes to other real estate agents.  We recognize their calls for help and Respond no matter what.  Be Safe - Talk soon and let us know your opinions by commenting below...