Real estate ending year on a good not

Santa Clarita Real Estate has shown gains when comparing the Month ending November 2010 to the figures compiled Month ending December 2010 - when comparing those two months, we are seeing a gain in the Median Sales Price.

We will have to see January 2011 to get a better grasp on the apparent increase.

Real estate is ending 2010 on a positive note with President Obama recently extending tax credits that add value to home ownership and home improvements. On the 17th of this month Obama signed the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010. The Act extended tax benefits, reduced payroll taxes and extended a variety of energy efficient tax credits. The extension of the tax credits for energy efficient improvements include those for new homes, existing homes, and building credits. The credits are good for improvements made throughDecember 31, 2011.

Thus far the year is also ending with the mortgage interest deduction (MID) in place, a vital benefit to home owners everywhere this allows homes owners to write off the interest paid on mortgages. While the MID is being threatened to be reduced or eliminated as a way to recover money and reduce government debt, it hasn’t been altered yet, making homeowners throughout the United States grateful for the time being.

Home sales are holding their own as mortgage rates remain hovering above historic lows. Re-financing and buying real estate is benefiting greatly form these low rates. The low interest rate is helping boost sales, appearing to stay put until recovery is in full swing. All in all real estate is ending 2010 in a good position to pick up speed in 2011.

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