What if I were to tell you I have had a change of heart regarding being a mentor. I was of the school of thought I could do it all myself. Just listen to a few hours of podcasts a week, read the articles that come into my reader and share stories that came as a result of dealing with our real estate clients. Yup, that is all I thought I'd need.

Today, my view is much different. Let's just say that without eating a slice of humble pie, I would have continued in some not so "humble" ways.

The first thing you may want to look for in a Mentor is someone that is not in your industry. They should have similar tastes, likes and share the same passions. You should also attempt to team up with someone that has different traits - that are stronger than yours in those areas.

If you are a great computer and seo person, maybe you will find someone that is fantastic at content production and management. Etc.

What do you think are the key beliefs that help business people get to a higher level of enlightenment.