Best commissions in Santa Clarita real estate agents

I am called Connor MacIvor. That is my name and I'm a real estate agent in Santa Clarita Valley.

I get the same door hangers and watch the same advertisements regarding real estate commissions and how you can always find a "cheaper" person to sell your home.

Door Dropper real estate advertisement

Recently a friend of mine, who was a full-time lender, has embarked into the real estate business as well. (More Money right?) - Their advertisement that I found hanging on my Valencia front door stated, "3.5% TOTAL COMMISSION TO SELL YOUR HOME!"

It then stated it's Full-Service Listing Includes:

  • Complete Market Analysis
  • Listing placed on the MLS and All Major Real Estate and Social Media Sites
  • Professional Photos, Lock Box, Yard Sign, Flyers, and Open House
  • Tips on Staging your home and more!

That sounds like a great deal. If you also get a loan from them, you can get further discounts!

"Deals this good don't last forever." - What does right?

TV real estate advertisement

2% Total to sell your home. That is what is advertised on some of the TV networks.

When a typical commission can be 6%, depending on the market. In the Santa Clarita Valley, due to a past agent being at the forefront of discounting their commission, we are pretty much seeing 2.5 and 2.5% commissions being paid in the Santa Clarita Valley.

Those commissions are split between the agent you have hired to represent you and list your home and the agent that brings the buyer.

In most cases, the agent that you hire will not represent the home buyer on your home.

That makes good sense and in some states and Canada that practice referred as to Dual Agency, is against the law.

Back to the TV.

The website you go to that the 2% advertisement on TV directs you to is a real estate lead generation website.

They literally "sell" your personal information to a local agent in your market who will contact you to sell your home.

Is that a problem? No, but it is when they are not being upfront regarding their "fail-safe" mechanisms and vetting they have promised to do with those "full time - the top producing" real estate agents who are members of their "discounted" commission business model.

Truth be told, I don't know any "top producers" that offer a 1% commission when it comes to selling a home.

You get what you pay for

Yes, there it is. The low hanging fruit, the blanket statement offered by real estate agents when their paycheck is attacked in the listing presentation.

How do you defend your paycheck? Is it ever on the table? When I was an LAPD police officer, I never had a supervisor tell me, "Connor, we are going to pay you less for the past two weeks, we have another cop that is willing to take less than you..."

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

What do you do? Do you hire the agents who are advertised as "non-discount" agents, but who are giving discounts?

Do you hire the "part-time agent" who is being advertised as being "full time"?

Maybe it's best to go the route of the "referral" agent, those whom your friends and family referred you to? But, consider what is in it for your friend and family - some sort of compensation perhaps?

Past agent - the one that sold you the home, or the one who you originally sought to buy the home from? 

I only know this. We have clients that contract us because they can trust us.

Trust goes a long way in real estate and in some circles that I have traveled in "trust equates to life and death".

Life and death as it pertains to trust, not really applicable in real estate, but when the agent you hire feels that way about trust, they will be honest to a fault.

Real estate is much more than pictures and MLS entering

I have been on the buyer's side of the transaction where I'm representing the home buyer and where another agent is representing the home seller.

In many transactions, I have often wondered if the agent I'm dealing with has the seller's permission to give away the farm. To not negotiate, but to cave in and give my buyer what they are demanding without a fight.

Caring too much about the agent to agent reputation.

With the transparency online and the ability to search for anyone by name, blackballing the honest agents goes nowhere.

If you press the issue regarding what your seller's demand to a point of pissing off the other agent who is representing the buyer, so be it.

That is your job as a seller's representative. The same as it's the job of a real estate professional if they are representing the buyer.

So many agents are concerned about their "next deal", so they handle the agent on the other side of the transaction with kid gloves, making sure not to ruffle their feathers.

I am not meaning that everything in real estate should be a fight. That is not the case. 

I have many encounters with other agents that are fair for the buyer and the seller alike.

However, there are some real estate agents that really need a bully to make it happen for their clients.

Real Estate negotiation 101

I'd rather get what my clients want for their real estate and not settle!

The same attitude that I have learned over the years since I stepped through the "real estate licensing process", in 1998, applies today.

Whether I'm representing the home buyer or the home sellers, it's best to stand your ground and educate all parties as to the process at hand.

The problems fall apart when agents don't keep their clients informed. 

When they have not been upfront with their clients and when they bend the truth a bit in order to ensure they are going to get paid.

There is always someone cheaper

It's no secret, heck - it's a great business model. Just build a fantastic website, offer a discounted commission on real estate and the agents will come in droves, signing up.

It's not easy to keep my standard in real estate. To operate my real estate business at the level I'm comfortable with and at the level my clients expect.

Results verify these facts.

When I'm in a listing presentation, I have the commission that I will not go beneath.

It's my line in the sand and If I cannot stand up for my paycheck, how do you expect I will stand up for you and what you want from the sale or purchase of real estate?

The presence of a true local - buyers/sellers realtor

It's not easy keeping pace with all I do to keep the Santa Clarita market "interested" informed.

It starts with a weekly video show and podcast about Santa Clarita real estate.

This is where the rubber meets the road and where I get a lot of our Santa Clarita home experts' real estate business.

The show is uploaded to all the popular websites and is accessible simply by you googling Santa Clarita real estate radio or some variation thereof.

I love helping, keeping people informed, and ensuring that my clients are getting the very best in Santa Clarita real estate representation.

They call me Connor MacIvor and I'm glad to be of great service to you.