"Just the Facts Ma'am..."

Joe Friday from Dragnet had it right.  That is all most people want.  When I was in the "field" with the LAPD, it did not matter what part of the city I was in, most people, including the baddest of the bad, wanted the facts.

Some "schools" of thought told the new cops to "Lie People to Jail".  Anything to get that person in hooks(handcuffs) and to end the scenario.

I was not a fan of that particular "school".Liars in real estate are bad

I was not a pencil pusher...

In fact, I always thought the truth was best, from the hundreds of arrests I personally had - When I tried to "lie someone to jail", they became more hostile as they slowly started to figure out that I was lying to them.

Then they would not talk with me, no information was exchanged, no confessions were given, they felt as if I had totally "sold them out".

Now, I get it - I'm the cop, I'm not supposed to be on their side, I should stand for everything they hate.

However, why not make the detective's job easier.  Why not make the custody assistant or jailer's job easier.  When you are honest, with even the criminals of the world, it works and they feel like they are dealing with someone that is not going to F$@ck with them.

Now, if the person we were dealing with was crazy - Seeing penguins and wearing 1/2 of a cantelope on their head - that is a whole different story.  If I needed to tell them I was taking them to see the Great Wizard of OZ, then so be it :)

Questions that can be hard to answer

Questions come up in real estate that some realtors find hard to answer.

"Is now the best time for me to buy a home?"

"Are home prices going to be coming down in the foreseeable future?"

"How much is my home worth - another agent told me that they could sell it for $300k - what could you sell it for?"

"Does this property have mello roos and will that impact my "resale" value?"

Tell the client the truth after qualifying them

By "Qualifying" I don't mean with an introduction to a Santa Clarita Lender.

I am talking about why they want to buy a home, what their goals are, who will be impacted by their prospective home purchase.

Qualifying questions such as those are great to determining the answers to the "harder" questions.

But, after you do - then tell them the truth and don't beat around the bush.

"No, now is not a good time to buy for you, and this is why..."

"It has been shown that Mello Roos at those amounts directly impact home sales - while the rest of the market has increased 12% over the past 6 months - those in that tract with the high mello roos have only increased 1/2 that amount - 6%."

The Truth Prevails

It is the best sales gimmick around.  Tell your clients the truth.  Even if it's hard to hear, they will come back.

There is a certain amount of respect to see a "professional" that holds the best interests of their clients over commission to be "possibly" earned.

Be safe - find one of those Real Estate agents in your local market that practices the "Truth, not matter how much it hurts, Philosophy".

They will serve you well!