Real Estate apps for those wanting to relocate

Real Estate Relocation apps. Those that you can download on your smart phone, android phone, apple iPhone, iPad and iPod.

They are all the buzz, but some are better than others for relocation purposes.

First, what data are you looking at? Where is it coming from? How can you be assured that any information you are being asked to give out will be protected and not sold to anyone that is buying?

Where's the data coming from?

It could be that the website is syndicating data. That is not data being fed to them by the Multiple listing Services and the Boards of Realtors. That would impose the same ground rules onto them that Realtors have to obey. In some cases, for realtors because we get the "real" data, there are fines levied at not using the data correctly or manipulating it.

Personal Information Security:

How can you be sure that your personal information is not going to be sold, traded or otherwise leave the protective custody of those you have entrusted with it? Paris911com/spam

Some of the Real Estate syndication sites that have Real Estate apps are selling your information to hungry realtors. And, rest assured, there are a lot of "hungry realtors" willing to pay a pretty penny.

So many so, entire companies have sprung up overnight, headed by a real estate agent, dropping some coin into a website and selling real estate leads. Heck, no one is safe any more.

When you do find a local Relocation Expert, they should have a site where you can search for homes from the actual Data Source, the Multiple Listing Service.

They should also have an app for searching from your smart phone for homes that are currently listed for sale.

Ours is found by our clients by them searching for "california homes" in their App Store or android marketplace.

It does seem appropriate because our REMAX of Valencia CA Relocation team is capable of handing relocations for all of California. Our App Search most all of Southern California - so hence a good choice as far as an app name is considered.

Be safe - Search well and let us know when you are ready for our help. Our main website can be found by you heading to