This morning, we got up early, and we did an update that talked about the changes to some of the debt forgiveness programs that are being offered by the government. In doing so, we came across an article that was located in the Los Angeles times newspaper. The article talked about three different congressmen having different views of the debt forgiveness act that's going to be voted on mid November 2012.

There's not too much of a doubt that this particular debt forgiveness program is going to be extended. The only big issue is what are going to be the extension terms.

Are they only going to approve the debt forgiveness act for another year till the end of 2013 or are they going to extend, as one congressman wants, for an additional 3 to 5 years?

Before you take a stab to short sale your home, make sure you're speaking with a real estate agent that knows what they're talking about. There are many agents that say they're short sale experts, when they have never handled even one short sale transaction on the side of the negotiator.

With short sales, it's totally different representing buyers, than it is when you are a short sale agent representing a real seller.

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