The "back" as referred to in the title has to do with yourself safety.

There are a lot of people in the world that would like to do you harm. Having said that, even one person is too many.

It may not be "anything personal". When I was a full time LAPD cop, every time a bad guy swung on me, ran from me, or wanted to tie up with me, it was never because I was "Connor MacIvor". It was because I was an LAPD officer...

Being a Police Officer put all of us in the limelight. We were always in the public view. This is easily proven by you looking back to the early 1990's and the 1992 riots in Los Angeles and their Nexus...

People in Sales, in real estate, people that are meeting with "potential" clients without an Pre Knowledge, need to be more "surrounding aware".

They should be a bit "timid" at times and look at some of their habits and re-evaluate their approach to meeting with the "unknown".

Remember, If you are a "big time" realtor in any local market - your photo is going to be on billboards, in publications, online and will alb be contained in local mailings.

If the "Good people" of the world are seeing this information. The "predators" of the world are also seeing this information.

Next time you get that "too good to be true" phone call, before you run out to meet a person with a suitcase full of many at a million dollar real estate listing, see if they are interested at meeting with you at your office first.

If they decline you - see what their reasoning is. I mean, for God's Sake, they are about to spend $1,000,000.00 on a home - Isn't that worth the 20 minutes for a "pre meeting game plan"?

See if you can head to the appointment with a "battle buddy". Snap a photo of their car at the property and send it to your office manager or secretary - just in case.

Something interesting, the confidence that comes with being "prepared" goes a long way at pausing someone that may have been intent on attacking you.

Be safe - With my LAPD background, I give FREE classes with nothing to sell to local Real Estate offices on how to keep safe when selling real estate... In 60 minutes I'll load your "Real Estate Safety" toolbox full of good intel.