What do you do first, when you decide to sell your home?

You need to remove traces of you and yours from the home before the first showing.

You don't want anything to turn off even one buyer in today's market.

The buyer for your home needs to be able to imagine themselves living in your home.  It's like preparing your home to be like a blank canvas.

Neutral color schemes and "new home staging" furniture really detract from buyers eyes.  That is what you want, the home to be "neutral in nature" so the buyers can imagine living inside of it.

When it comes to photographs, family type, those need to be taken down. The interesting thing is when you have the store bought frames with photos of people - those photos are not recognized as being real due to the foil mark or stamp, they are considered "neutral".

We have Fit Home Check lists available and our Sellers action booklet.

These REMAX of Valencia CA resources will help you on your way to a successful Sale of your home.

Make sure you contact our REMAX of Valencia CA Paris911 Team when you are ready for our assistance with preparing your home for sale and getting it "Fit to Sell".