I will continue with my written rant about awards ceremonies.  Some hate them because they never are at the top.  Some hate them because they are not number 1.  Some hate them just because.  Others, me included hate them because of their opulent and egocentric nature.  (Check out this post to see more to my "WHY" and my attitude about "sales" awards ceremonies)

Buying a home in such a constrictive market creates interesting counter offers.Santa Clarita California Multiple Listing service

A Counter Offer is what the seller produces after they receive and consider the offer  you made on the home, condo or town-home.

They may state things like these on the counter offer in a "typical real estate market".

  • Buyer to pre qualify with "X lender".
  • Purchase price to be $_______.
  • Home to be sold "as is", no repairs to be granted.
  • If Buyers appraisal appraises the property located at 1234 Anywhere Street below the list price, buyer to make up the difference in cash.

A new Twist yes - look at the fourth bullet point - just above this text.  That could leave a bruise, yes?

That is the type of Counter Verbiage that a constrictive Santa Clarita real estate market creates.  However, while that may sound tragic, it won't leave you high and dry.

It is because of counters like that, being prepared by confident sellers and "more confident" agents, you need to make sure you are working with the BEST Santa Clarita real estate agents you can find.

Suggestion...  Interview multiple agents - at least three.  Take the time to sit with them in their real estate offices and ask them how they can help you.  That is why you are there in the first place - isn't it - to get their help?

You should feel comfortable and confident in your selection of a local agent.  Please be sure to include The Paris911 Team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA on the interview list.

Be Safe - search well and make sure you check out our Santa Clarita real estate app - It's in the margin of this "Santa Clarita real estate blog".  Thanks.