Remember, we are not attorney's.  We are real estate agents HQ'd in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.  We have access to the BEST legal Doc Assistance person on the planet.  (I'm a bit jaded - he is a Brother of mine from another mother :) )

help with divorce in Santa Clarita CAIf you are looking for someone to assist with your legal document preparation with regard to divorce in the Santa Clarita Valley, or elsewhere in CA - Tim is your man.  Here is his Legal Document preparation website - enjoy and reach out to him when you need his help.  You can find his great site and services for Legal Documents and Divorce too at Divorce661 dot com...

Onto the Show - You can add anyone you want to your real estate's Title.  You can add strangers, family, kids, anyone you want.  There are many "personal reasons for this".

Sometimes, people want other's removed from the title of their home.  This can happen during the divorce process.  A Husband and Wife want to get divorced - decide one of them does not want anything to do with the home.  One of the parties wants to have the other one removed from title - or one of the parties wants to be removed from title.

If there is still a loan on the home, if both parties are still "involved" with the financial institution, with a mortgage etc.  Removing someone from Title will not negate their responsibility with regard to the loan.

However, some want to do this for other reasons - personal ones.  Talk with your Legal Professional to find out what is best in your situation.  If you already know and need help with a Doc Preparation service to save you oodles of money - contact Tim at SCV Legal Doc Assist!!!

Here is a quick video I put together in Starbucks where I should have placed the camera at a higher angle to rid you of having to view my chin's :)