Santa Clarita real estate reporting"Do you trust me???"  Trust you, heck, I don't even know you...

Trust in Business is a funny thing.  It might not be a case where someone is being dishonest, it may have to do with the other person's past.  Just reflect back to the days when you were dating.  Some of those that I dated had quite a bit of a "past".  While others seemed more like blank slates.  Which was better?  I don't (remember)know, but those that seemed to have "more past" did seem a bit more fun/dangerous..." ;-)

When it comes to real estate reporting, it is important for you to consider the source. Especially when you are making the largest investment of your lives.

A quick glimpse at real estate suggests that the picture is getting better. Headlines lately have run the gamut, from cautious to downright optimistic, averaging out to infer that real estate is getting to be more positive. Of course the fact that mortgage rates are staying low and those in the know are speculating a bottom has been reached has some would-be buyers diving in to home ownership.

Let’s take a look at some recent headlines:

30-year mortgage rate holds at record low” CNN Money

“Average 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage Holds at All-Time Record Low” Realty Times

“Home builders and investors both see signs of a turn” USA Today

“Forecast: Drops in Home Values Less Severe in’12” Wall Street Journal

“Homes in foreclosure decline by 130,000” CNN Money

“Office and home rent will keep rising and rising” MSNBC

“Metro Home Prices Boost Affordability, Sales Improving”

Granted you can find negative headlines as well, but for the most part the news is leaning toward the optimistic side of the spectrum, something we have not seen much of in recent years. In a nutshell, it is still a buyers market, affordability levels are high, borrowing money is cheap, and it’s a great time to be a landlord. Have you been waiting until the time is ripe to invest in real estate? You might want to give your REALTOR a call and explore up-to-date market conditions in your area.