Speaker 1: 00:00 Good to everybody. Connor macgyver, welcome to housing, radio.com longest running real estate podcast and radio show for Santa Clarita Valley cities ever. We are syndicated podcasted all over the world. We got to Itunes, Stitcher radio and other resources you can tune into and find our housing radio show. Of course, going to housing radio.com gets you the same intel. You'll be able to see the radio player there and feel free to listen to this episode and of course past episodes. Cause if you're listening to this, you already are here. Anyway, let's get into the real estate update here. April 29th, 2019 tell he's going to be a show where after we get into the real estate numbers and we'll post those up right now. In fact, let me load up that page. Uh, we're going to do everything from Scv Nest, s C v and e s t.com and we're going to go there.

Speaker 1: 00:53 We're going to see all the latest real estate information and we're going to see what's going on with the market with regard to listings and a slight increase that we've seen over the last several days. 627 active listings across all of Santa Clarita Valley. That's actually up from five 98 as of only three days ago. We're seeing more and more listings being added to the market. The question over time is going to be whether or not those listings are going to be absorbed by the heightened buyer drive that we do see a lot of buyers out there. We see a lot of buyers that are very interested in purchasing real estate at this time. Kind of getting settled because right now we're about looking somewhere mid-June closing because if you start escrow in May usually got about a 45-day escrow depending on what's negotiated on both parties. When you're purchasing real estate, you could potentially be somewhere around mid-June as far as the closings date, where you would be moving into your new residents by that time.

Speaker 1: 01:52 And that happens to correspond to most of the, uh, the uh, heart school district. Most of those schools are going to be out of session sometime in the end of mid to the end of June. Therefore we start to see this pickup. So the question will be after a couple of weeks, how's that standing inventory looking? How are those days on market looking timeframes as well? Because how fast it takes to sell real estate is seriously something needs to be looked at. And that gives you an idea of how the pretense the particular market happens to be fairy also out there. Just to give you some words of advice, we've been seeing some predatory loan issues come up lately, not with lenders that we know, but lenders that are representing clients that come to us, the lenders themselves aren't being totally upfront and honest with the people with regard to their costs so they don't know what they're paying.

Speaker 1: 02:50 And then we have a coming to Jesus moment if you will. When we start to put pen to paper writing an offer that we're asking the lender how much these people are going to be expecting to ask for pay and closing costs, and then we know what really escrow, what, what the buyer's escrow fees going to be there. Part of it, we're going to know already pretty much what the buyers' title fees going to be there. Part of it, the wildcard of the situations, lender fee, right? So not in real estate. So He'd come to me, you say, hey Connor, I want to buy a house from you. What's that going to cost me? How much you're gonna charge? I say I don't charge you anything when I'm representing you as a real estate buyer. My fee is not being paid by you. I get compensated by the seller, whoever that is.

Speaker 1: 03:35 So if you're a seller comes to me and you say, hey Connor, what? He charged to sell the house. I tell you what the other agent's going to get that brings the buyer. And then I also tell you what I'm going to get as representing you as a seller and all that are put down on a piece of paper called a net sheet and there as a seller, you're going to see all your costs and it's right there down to the penny. If I sell your house for $850,000 then you see my commission see the commission for the agent representing the buyer. Then we could have a conversation about what if I bring the buyer to the residents, how all that works, but it's all right there. A lot of the time when you're going to lenders, it's not that clear cut because there's a lot of other fees that you're going to see on there and rarely isn't going to say something like, you know the lenders' commission.

Speaker 1: 04:22 You're not going to see that on those pieces of paper. That's why it's very important to have somebody watching out for your own best interest or referring you to a lender that they have some control over or a lender that's transparent I guess might be the better way to put it. Having somebody that's really upfront and honest when it comes to what you're being charged. And again, we come, we come to find out that people are being charged an awful lot of money. When we asked what are those closing costs, if we can expect 1% to go to their part of title 1% to potentially go to their part of escrow or half of those numbers and then they have this extra big lender fee that needs to be asked for in closing costs. Well, something looks at something to consider. All right, so here's kind of the safety standpoint and, and we have, we represent a lot of police, a lot of fire, federal employees, uh, FBI, all the fancies out there and they come to us to buy houses.

Speaker 1: 05:20 Just because of my background being LAPD for so long, we kind of understand each other. And what I've come to find out is a lot of people like to be treated that way as if they are law enforcement because there's nothing left to guess. I don't offer an opinion. I give fact to all my comp clients and it works out very well just like I do with everybody else and the light that they like it straight from the hip. No Games, no staging the situation, no trying to pull up bad data to try to prove a point. All factual stuff. At the end of the day when I meet with my clients, they say, well what would you offer on this house? I see the best I'm going to be able to do is pull comparables for you and tell you what the house is worth and you guys go from there.

Speaker 1: 06:04 You guys are going to be making the payment, not me. All I'm going to do is verify that you're not paying too much and then you make the decision what you want to offer you an offer of $20,000 last gray went off for 30,000 and that's great. You want to offer what the seller is asking for the property then great, you want to go higher because you think there's going to be a lot of activity on the property. You want to you know, do that. In the beginning, maybe not. Probably. I wouldn't agree with that tactic. I would say the best. Let's do go at full price and then let's wait to get some kind of response. If they come back with the multiple counters, great. Then we can make decisions as to whether one increase that amount, so I do have my rules in place, but at the end of the day you're going to be the boss in with that.

Speaker 1: 06:50 Whenever you buy residential real estate, you are typically buying something that's had quite a bit of internet exposure. That house that you're looking to buy, it's already publicized online. All the interior pictures are publicized online and even if the board of Realtors, the local system where it was originally uploaded to, even if that board of realtors, I call them and say, Hey, I got Jack Smith that bought this house located at one two, three, four anywhere street in Saugus, California. He wants all those photos to remove. What does he need to do? They'll say, well, he needs to send an email with his property address as a subject line with removing photos in there and then have that sit to our MLS department. There'll be able to take care of it. Problem is Zillow, Trulia. These other sites have already taken those pictures and I would want to say pirated, but that's incorrect because they were given permission to take them usually not by the board of realtors but by the real estate company representing the seller behind the agent that you hired.

Speaker 1: 08:03 That real estate company is going to be giving Zillow and Trulia for their own reasons. Permission to here. These are all the pictures. You go ahead and take the information and you can use that with for whatever you want. The problem is in some of these more sensitive professions, now all of a sudden the bad guy that might want to do somebody harm because they're wearing a badge now has access to this information online and can pretty much map out that house. And of course after they find the address and location, all they have to do is go to Google and search for the property and they'll find archival entries from different syndication websites, real estate syndication websites that show that house. So then the question is, well how do we get rid of that all over? Well, Google's pretty good, they'll get you off of Google maps if you would like.

Speaker 1: 09:00 I did a big blog post on that and I'll add that to the content of the radio show. Just go to STV blog.com and you'll be able to see our blog where I'm going to do the writeup on this show. So if it's not there yet, keep checking, checking back STV blog.com and you'll see at the title what I'm referring to, but with Google maps they're good. They'll blur that house out so it can't be a recognized from the street view. So that's cool. And all you have to do is send them an email. They do a couple of steps in verification, but you can exclude it. However, besides that, what about the Internet stuff has generated via real estate syndication or when a house has put on the market, and again as a seller, you have to sign there on the contract. You understand that all these pictures are going to go online and potentially live until the end of time itself.

Speaker 1: 09:50 That's what's going to happen and there's no control over the mechanism and how many different sites are going to pull this information and where it's going to go. That's basically what the disclaimer says. And as a real estate seller, you're gonna, you know you're signing off on that and that was a real estate buyer. You didn't, so you have some rights, you have some rights to have these, this information deleted. It's just how you do it is just not simple. How it's done is not simple. It's going to include sending emails to all these different syndication sites. So I would just go through page one on Google and see what these deletions are going to, how they're going to take place. I would always start with the board of realtors, remove that. Then I would go to the real estate company, so for example, were with remax.

Speaker 1: 10:36 I go the real estate company and find what that email is that you have to send this request to wipe out all of your listings, all of the information. And then after that, if it's not working, then I would go to a, if, so that's going to work from there. But if Zillow and Trulia and these other syndication sites are still showing it that at that particular time I would go to those entities and then I would reach out to them with a phone call and say, Hey, what's the deal? How are we going to get this particular listing? Not from not showing up on your particular website or portal because I'm very, for my safety or whatever it may be. So these are things to watch out for. These are things that are going to keep you safe. And I'm Connor macgyver. I'll put some links to what my investigations in the past have shown with regard to these particular mechanisms and getting those online listings removed after you buy a property.

Speaker 1: 11:38 I've Kinda rmckiver thank you so much for tuning in. Longest running real estate radio show and podcast for Santa Clarita Valley, California. We're going to be having a new website come online. I'm very excited to announce Santa Clarita, home experts.com Santa Clarita, home experts.com. It's going to be an unlocked MLS system. I think you're gonna enjoy it. You'll be able to search ad nauseum for listings without having to give up any personal and private information. Of course. Until you're ready. I've caught her macgyver. Thanks so much for tuning in. You'll be safe and we will talk to you soon. If you need me, I'm here. (661) 400-1720 housing radio.com.

Contact me when you are ready. I'm Connor MacIvor with REMAX.