Home inspections in Santa Clarita

It is paramount that you conduct a home inspection when buying a home, condo or town-home with The Paris911 Team.  We want those items that are not observable with the naked eye to be brought to the forefront so they can be dealt with.  Don't underestimate the value of a good Home Inspection.  As a Buyer you have a choice when it comes to whom is hired to inspect your home.  We have utilized several home inspectors in the SCV - and there is one that tops our list.  Contact us for details.

There are pros and cons to sellers conducting home inspections before listing and selling a home. Many people in the real estate business see the merit of a home inspection before listing a home because it enables problems that could become deal breakers to be resolved before they ever become known to a potential buyer. Of course a pre-listing home inspection can also unveil a laundry list of issues that a home owner may not be prepared to deal with or pay for.

If a seller decides to do a home inspection before putting his home on the market he has a choice of fixing the issues that present themselves, or opting not to. A home owner has to disclose the inspection items when under contract and therefore must be prepared to fix problems, allocate money at closing to fix problems, or be prepared for a contract to fall apart. The positive side of a home inspection is that problems with a home can be eradicated and no surprises should occur at selling regarding the condition of the home.

Whether a home inspection is instigated by a seller or not, the home will have an inspection when it is put under contract, a seller simply needs to decide whether he wants to know what issues up front or be caught off guard while under contract. If you have been looking for a qualified team of Santa Clarita Realtors - We are that Team :-)

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