Selling a santa clarita homeFrom a sellers perspective this is important data.  If you are a resident or homeowner in one of the cities in the Santa Clarita Valley and you are contemplating selling or buying a home in a specific neighborhood, this Sold Property engine for the Santa Clarita Valley will be of great assistance.  [spatialmatch_popup id=1 appearance=link width=100%]Click Here to view the Sold Properties for the Cities within the Santa Clarita Valley.[/spatialmatch_popup]

Here are a few important things to look for within an Experienced Santa Clarita Listing Realtor.

  • Ask about where their Brokerage scores amongst the top 5 Real Estate companies in the Santa Clarita Valley.
  • Ask them directly about how much they are going to charge you to sell your home and why you should pay that amount :-)
  • Explain to them that you have spoken with other brokerages that give huge seller discounts and fee's as low at 1% - Have them explain why that could put a Santa Clarita Seller in Harms way.
  • Ask about their Sales Price to Sold Price ratio's.  If they have had to reduce the price of a listing, over and over again, they probably did not have the intestinal fortitude to tell the seller where they should be priced to sell.
All of these questions are food for thought. If I were interviewing an agent to sell my home, I would ask these and a lot more.  
Final Word about Signing Listing Paperwork to sell your home.  There are a lot of games being played amongst Real Estate agents.  Most are straight from the hip and they will give you the information, no matter how bad or good, about the price you had in mind and about what you will want to do to attract more buyers to your home for sale.
Some will have you sign paperwork that shows some bit of "secrecy" about their listing presentation.  They might even go as far as making anything you repeat to anyone else punishable by lawsuit.  
For Me - Paris and I could never work that way - In fact, as I type this, I am getting a feeling of queasiness :-(
However, some Real estate agents won't be either of the aforementioned ways.  Some agents will be all about unicorns, sunshine and cotton candy during their presentation.  This has it's place, but not when you have more to lose when you are chasing the real estate market in a "graveyard spiral".