The Santa Clarita real estate reports have just been completed and we are still seeing more of the same, however - real estate inventory seems to be increasing, but still not enough to have our real estate market switch from a sellers market to a 100 percent buyers market.

Santa Clarita real estate housing market updatesIn the coming months we are going to see buyer activity increase throughout the Santa Clarita Valley cities.

We are also going to continue to see the real estate sellers demanding more for their homes and the real estate they are wanting sold.

That "demand" is going to equate to buyers holding off on making offers, and then expecting the "meeting of 1/2 way" when they do offer less than listing price on those sellers homes they want to buy.

One of the best ways for a real estate buyer to approach a real estate listing that has been on the market for more than 20 days, without a price reduction, is to look at the comps then make the offer less than listing price, if comps/market support such an offer.

Make the offer on the home, condo or town-home expecting the seller to counter 1/2 way back toward the listing price.

A good rule of thumb and the sign of a "reasonable" real estate seller is the meeting in the middle strategy for selling real estate.

However, don't be too disappointed if you are offering $100,o00 less and the seller does not counter you 1/2 way :)

This strategy works when buyers are offering 10-20k less than list prices, when we are in the realm of real estate being competitively and "comparatively" priced, in the 300k to 750k ranges.

Some of the real estate resources that we used in the preparation of our Santa Clarita Housing market and Los Angeles real estate market presentation were the following.

Those are where we house the data when it comes to my team and I keeping abreast of the Santa Clarita and Greater Los Angeles Housing markets for our Real estate sellers and buyers.

Be safe - here are the PDF reports for the SCV cities that we used in the preparation of our Weekly Santa Clarita and Los Angeles real estate and housing market update.

Valencia CA single family homes

Single Family homes in Stevenson Ranch

Santa Clarita Proper Single Family Homes

Castaic CA single family homes

Canyon Country Single Family Homes

Newhall Single Family Homes

Beverly Hills Single Family Homes

Acton Single Family Home Report