The real estate game is something that I did want a part of when I was a police officer.  In fact, today, as a full time and local Santa Clarita real estate agent, the "game" is something I can do without.

I know those agent that are full of ego.  Heck, I was surrounded by people that had all of the reason in the world to have an Ego - but did not.  We knew a true "operator", in the law enforcement circles, when others told us about their prowess and when they were quiet, reserved and remained professional at all times.

In real estate - it's not that way for the most part.  Instead of agents talking about how they are protecting and serving their clients - they are talking about how great they are.

I suppose "greatness" can be defined by one's self.  However the best way to have "greatness" defined is to hear it out of the mouth's of others.  That is why we encourage both bad and good comments to hit Yelp.  If you search on yelp for Santa Clarita real estate, you may be surprised on what you will find.

Santa Clarita realtors on Yelp

When it comes to service professionals in real estate within the Santa Clarita Valley, we are not "blind" to those and their ways of advertising.  We want you to know there is a different type of real estate agent that exists in the world.

Here are some traits you are going to find with your "chosen" real estate professional.

Let us know when you are ready for our help.  We get calls from other Real Estate agent's clientele.  They want to know if we can do a better job. The truth of the matter is we don't know what other agents are doing.  We are only in the business of improving our techniques and developing strategies to help our clients with their real estate needs.  Therefore, that is an unfair question.  Stay loyal to your real estate agent if they are working hard for you.  You will be fine.  Paris911 is not in the business of taking other peoples real estate clients from them.