It was a very nice interview this morning, as I was invited to speak on the Point2 Real Estate show about our Paris911 Brand and the "how to" of our local Santa Clarita real estate business.

being different in real estate

Jerry was the first guest to be interviewed - a Canadian Realtor that uses Bacon to make a name for himself. He even has his business cards smoked along with Bacon to give them the scent. And folks, that's amazing. He also uses Twitter as it should be used by constant collaboartion.

The bacon Real Estate connection has a place close to my heart due to my Past Police Employ - enough said :)

When it was time for me to be interviewed - I was happy to participate.

I was walked through my on-line presance and was asked some very pointed questions about what I use and how I do it.

Mine is all about writing content such as this. But the writing is not the most important action, you also have to publish it.

That is the number 1 fear amongst real estate agents, shipping. Publishing what they write. I have had some of the agents that I train ask these questions to themselves, "Is anything incorrect, how is my grammar, is this something people will want to read???"

The bottom line, while you are seeking approval and having your real estate article approved by those within your direct sphere of influence, you are going to have another that you are competing with, publish what they are writing and not afraid to ship!

We got into my "how and why" of social media, our connection points on Pinterest and Google plus. We also talked about my YouTube channel and my actions with my radio show and podcasting efforts.

At the end of the day, you want to sell nothing about yourself. You want to sell the data, the real estate, the actions/activities that are happening all around your real estate business.

What the new restaurant will have to offer, because of location, to those that live in the nearby neighborhood. - for example.

So - if you want to improve your online presence, not matter what the business, quit selling. Quit interrupting those that you are attempting to sell to.

Start writing, write about the "how to" of your business. Why people are using your services, how people are buying what you have to offer. Give information, not quirky sales pitches.

You will be suprised how you will be able to grow what you love by your simple efforts.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate you sharing.