Santa Clarita Starbucks

Every once in the while I'm surprised to get to the front of one of our Santa Clarita Starbucks drive through lines. The cashier hands me my order saying, "no charge, the car in front of you payed for your coffee and pastry."  The deal is, I don't know the person who paid for me, I am thankful and then tell the Starbucks Representative that I want to pay for the person behind me. That is how it works.  I don't ask how much the person is buying, I don't think about it - it was done for me "anonymously" - I choose to do the same.

There are a few ways for a person to screw up the "Starbucks drive through play it to the rear..."

Like getting irritated when the "good doer finds the person behind ordered more than a simple coffee and voices that to others". It makes them look silly. My question would be, "Why pay in the first place?"

To b continued...

(I'm back...) Here is what I'm thinking - When I do something for someone, that others might receive as being "nice" - I don't brag about it,  I don't tell others, I keep it to myself.  If I can do it anonymously - that is much better for me.  Being complemented makes me feel uncomfortable.

That is according to my simple rule book.  This story comes as when I was listening to a story from another in my industry that was saying that they offered to pay for the vehicle behind them - but when they found out they had also ordered breakfast - the nerve.

The thing is they(the vehicle behind the Selfish Good Samaritan), had ordered everything before they even knew their breakfast and coffee was going to be paid for.  But the "good citizen" felt funny taking it back, after telling the cashier at the drive through window they would pay for the vehicle behind them.

My Question is how does that make a person look?  I suppose it is one thing to tell everyone, "I did a great thing, everyone look at me - I play it back at Starbucks - I do things for others.... "  But it is completely strange to me when a person complains when they do a good deed then nag about it...  Just don't do it in the first place and you will save all of he stress :-)