REMAX of Valencia pissed consumerReal Estate and Business Review Websites - some are quite funny, but we do get to field the calls, funny or not...

A lady called our team yesterday about seeing some type of "negative" review at a website called Pissed Consumer.

She said it talked about REMAX of Valencia Being the Catalist for pissing off real estate consumers.

I explained to her that was a review about a "specific" REMAX of Valencia CA Realtor.

Just like when I was with the LAPD, not all cops were bad,  in fact, very few were those that should not pin the badge to their chest.

The same goes in real estate.  Pissed Consumer reports specifically about two different REMAX of Valencia California Real Estate agents.

BTW - those agents are not part of the Paris911 Realtor Team at REMAX of Valencia.

I don't know the circumstances that pissed off these real estate clients, but remember, anyone can leave a review.  Good or Bad reviews are able to be entered on these internet platforms by anyone, even someone's competition.

In fact, I know several Valencia CA Realtors that have fallen victim to "false and fake" reviews on some of the major players in the Real Estate or business review websites.

My advice, you can call us if you want more information about any Pissed Consumers reporting about REMAX of Valencia, or you can make sure of whom they are speaking about.

REMAX of Valencia CA has many real estate agents, many real estate teams, and a large staff.  REMAX is the largest and most successful real estate brokerage in the world.  Someone, somewhere, at sometime is bound to get pissed off at some point.

Was the reviewer being honest or not?  You decide for yourselves.  Thanks for reading about a caller to our REMAX of Valencia CA Team about a Pissed Consumer Report posted online.