You know what, with regard to Real Estate agents, might be nice for use with the new website of Pinterest?  How about photos of housing types within the different cities across the world. Real Estate Agents upload your photos of the various housing types in your very own geographic areas.

Label them* and attach them on Pinterest.  I have taken a lot of Valencia CA homes and placed them on our Pinterest Page for Santa Clarita Realtors and The Paris911 Team.  You know something I found interesting - Paris911 was already taken by some lady in Europe.  So we had to settle on Paris911com.

Which is better, if you think about it.  It is kind of like doing laundry and during the folding, finding a stain on one of your favorite shirts, that you were unable to pre-treat.

The Paris911 Team on REMAX

That makes no sense - but this will.  Before uploading to Pinterest, make sure the images belong to you. If you are a real estate agent, don't spam the H#ell out of Pinterest, just upload photos of properties.

We have placed the iPhone Screen shots - showing some of the Google Search Results reflecting that Paris911 is top of the Organic Searches.  Something that our sellers want to know, that gives them the "home team" advantage when we advertise their Santa Clarita Listings.

*Label them - I'll tell you this is the first step when wanting to optimize photographs.  Each one should be labeled with a keyword friendly phrase.  If you really to do it right - then you will upload them first to your own website.  If you have a blog, have your blog monitor and provider increase the MB from the minimum level.  If you are Tech Savvy - then you will be able to do that.  If you have a regular real estate website - you will use that plaform to upload the photos.  Then the system, your website, will give you a URL that you can plug into Pinterest.

I am sure this will be GREAT for SEO, It is Free and you can do it yourself.  Here is to good SEO - Be Safe and let us know if we can help you further.