Not like smelling the phone ring or hearing the color red - that would be a real bad acid trip. And I know "acid", not because of personal use - but because I was a Drug Recognition Expert Instructor with the Los Angeles Police Department, during my full time service. We encountered many a individual that were under the influence of this very potent drug "LSD".

Have you ever recorded your voice without smiling? Then hook up again to your recording device and record the same words while you have a smile on your face. When you playback each snippet of words, you will quickly find out that the one done while your were smiling was totally different.

That should be reason enough for you to train yourself and your employees to smile while speaking on the phone.

Give it a try next time you answer the phone. I am confident you will want to start telling everyone and talking to everyone with a smile on your face. It does wonders for your own self confidence, not to mention gives positives to the vibes coming from those whom you are interacting with.

When someone calls our Real Estate team, I may not get another chance to give the best impression possible. The only way to ensure I am placing my best foot forward is to answer the phone while smiling. As if the cameras are recording and I am live in front of a Studio Audience.

Try it and let us know through the comments below if this helped and if you noticed the difference. Thanks for reading and commenting.

My Dad taught me a long time ago, he said if I were to help enough people get what they wanted, I'd never have to want for business, friends, and associates. Let me know if I can help you. BE Safe.