Slipping inventory and Pending home sales can be blamed on the lack of homes that are for sale.

It was not too long ago when inventory in the Santa Clarita Valley was a majority Short Sale. Today, we are watching as a shift taking place to Standard Sales(equity type) being the norm.

Find the perfect Santa Clarita home for you and yoursWhile doing our Audio Podcast(which was deleted by accident), you would have probably not missed the title - Pending Home Sales DOWN.  From where they could be - they are.

In fact, there are many buyers in the real estate world that are hitting the ground running, only to find themselves running into a solid object.

Frustrated to say the least.  We get many calls a day from other realtor's clients.  They are asking if we have the "secret sauce" to fulfill their dreams of home ownership.

If your real estate agent is scrubbing the "off market" inventory, you are probably good.  If your Realtor is dug in with networking groups and getting intel on "pre market" real estate listings, then you are probably fine.  If your Realtor is attaching the NOD(notice of default) listings, you probably have a leg up.  If your agent is not "setting it and forgetting it" and searching multiple times per day, you may have struck gold.  If your Santa Clarita real estate agent is doing all of those things - then remain loyal.  

Other than Name Recognition, between agents and other local real estate companies, assisting getting offers accepted, which most "seasoned and top realtors" have, there is nothing The Paris911 Team can do for you that is different than what you are already having done by your Trusted Real Estate professional.

As one of my English Teachers said, "If it's working, don't stop - keep the run-on sentence going..." (I think she was kidding - but I took her seriously - I'm such a rebel...)

There I said it - Please be loyal.  You will know it if your agent is working for you.  How? You ask... If you are not asking the question in the first place.  

Be safe - Search well and let us know what you think about "Santa Clarita Valley .org".  Search for Non-Real Estate stuff.  Restaurants, movies, show times, and other businesses in the Santa Clarita Valley or beyond...