Where are you getting your eyes on the Real Estate that is actually and truly for sale?

Believe it or not - some websites are publishing listings that are not really for sale to get you to give up who you are so they can sell your personal information to Real Estate agents paying for it.

Are you wondering around the www without a clue?  Here are a couple of tips that will keep your personal and private information safe from being sold or traded.

Don't give it out!  Don't search with websites that require you to register.  Make sure you are able to search for homes without saying what your name or email are.Real Estate information relayed by a rant by paris911

The time when you may "have to" enter your personal information is when wanting more information.  That only makes sense - but to have to give up who you are while you are only "kicking the tires" - that really chaps my hide.

It's kind of like going to see what your car is worth on line - then only having to give up your name and email address to use the tool.

Some Real Estate search systems are housing "protected data".  Something like a Pre-Foreclosure Search for NOD's, let's say, could be something that may require your information to get you the data you requested.

It may be that the agent has to pull the data in order to get it to you.

That is not what I'm talking about.  I'm talking about having your personal and private information sold or traded to other real estate agents.

Search on the local Realtor's websites and you will keep yourselves safe from harm.  If they violate that trust, then you have someone you can complain to.

Be safe - Search well and have a look at the Top Santa Clarita real estate website with a FREE and Unlocked Search engine fed directly from the Local Boards of Realtors Multiple Listing Service.