When considering listing your home for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley, hire a professional.  You will want to pay attention to which agents hit the top of the SERP's when it comes to "typical" search inquires.  In fact, when people are searching for Local SCV real estate - the most common phrase entered into the "google" search field is "Santa Clarita Real Estate".

When you see the first four results(these do move up and down from time to time) - (especially with the various algorithm updates that Google is implementing) - one is hitting high, not because there is a lot of content - but because it is that exact URL.  The others are Big Real Estate Syndication Websites.

Ours is the first local ad that is SELF branded as Paris911.  Not to mention that RE/MAX of Santa Clarita plays a HUGE part in placement for the number one searched real estate company in the world.  

When buyers want to find a real estate agent to represent them - they are going to go with the very BRAND that is on their "Top of Mind".  In most cases that BRAND is REMAX.

That is also worthy of mentioning - REMAX of Santa Clarita.  The Paris911 Team Websites hit at the very top of the SERP's.

BTW - SERP stands for "Search Engine Results Pages".

That is where you want the agent you are choosing to list your Santa Clarita home to be when Buyers are Searching for real estate that is for sale.

With our Paris911 Team, we are proud of the fact we are able to connect more Sellers and Buyers of Santa Clarita Real Estate.  Have a look around the Internet and see where you see our Paris911 Brand amongst the competition. - You will see, as REMAX says, we are "Above the Crowd!"

REMAX Paris911 Team number 1 on the internet where buyers are searching

As you can see - We are not only the top two "organic search results" for REMAX of Santa Clarita, but we are also in the Local Google Business section. The Local Business ads change often - but the "organic results" are earned, never given!

That means, in Google's Eyes, we are adding valuable content for our Real Estate Buyers and Sellers.  We are knowledgeable and are not playing any games when it comes to Giving Value First.