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I operate the most complete and longest running blog about Santa Clarita real estate. I am the true local area expert living in the Santa Clarita Valley during and after my LAPD career. I'm all about the protection and service to both my home buyers and Santa Clarita home sellers. The biggest compliment that any client of mine can give is by way of them referring their family, friends and those whom they know want to buy or sell real estate. I'm honored in each instance. Our business operates primarily by referral. 

First and foremost, my method is by teaching. I'm not teaching my home buyers and sellers on how to be real estate agents. I'm teaching them how to be best protected when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 

The best way to do this is by our in-person meetings which are done in my offices, over the phone or by remote meetings conducted with my Zoom Affiliation. I was the first agent to employ a podcast/radio show in my housing market updates. I was also the first agent to conduct seminars online with many participants where questions could be asked and where the best solutions to actual real estate problems could be discovered. I have had up to 50 live participants in my seminars within the online realm and mandate that my home buyers and home sellers become educated in one of my many processes.

Buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. There are a lot more moving parts and the price point is much larger. 

Anything that takes 30 years to pay off, typically, needs to be approached with care and concern. Making a mistake with real estate is expensive and some never are able to recover.

Take the last real estate cycle. There were a lot of home buyers that jumped in without testing the waters. If you did so during the later part of 2011 and in the 1st quarter of 2012 - your jumping in was the best thing you could have done. 

That is because during that time that was the low part of the real estate market. Between the fall of housing in 2007 and the current date, the last absolute low point in the Los Angeles Areas was last quarter 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.

I approach real estate with my clients with knowledge and experience. I know that most home buyers take the word for what they read online, no matter the source. If the source has a large well-advertised name, most take the information conveyed as the word of a higher power.

If you are interested in your better future in real estate, do not do that. Make sure that you are

Jan. 1, 2008

Real Estate in Two Thousand and Eight

Welcome in the year of 2008. Here is the Paris911® forecast for the first few months. With our observations of our current list of buyers, which is growing by the day, they all are holding steady to see where the market and media are going to be and reevaluate their respective positions in Mid January 2008.

Something is going to break free this log jam at the mouth of the funnel. Imagine for a moment that there is a large funnel that is filled with homes and condos for sale. At the bottom of the funnel you will notice that it has been plugged with a sort of sticky substance. – This equated to bad buyer confidence, poor performance of the 10 year bond, foreign investor depression, short sales and foreclosures, and a lending arm that is choking itself out.

Until the end of 2007, we have been poking at the stoppage with a stick and it has not been seen to move very much. But when we get out the torch (revamping of the lending arm – implanting bionics), and instill foreign and domestic confidence into this market we are going to see the funnel clear and all of those homes start to go into escrow. It is going to take a market reset and when this happens it will carry all of the variables of a market rush in Real Estate.

When will be a good time to buy in 2008? That is a loaded question, I think the answer will be on what if your goal. If you are a person that is interested in flipping, hold off. If you are a person or a family what wants to quit renting and own property that you will be living in at least for the next 4.7 years, go for it. If you are a seller that really does not have to sell but wants to test the market, now is not the time for testing. And if you are a seller that has to sell for hardship reasons, we need to move on that quickly. As you can see there is no patent answer to the question when to buy. When I find that Crystal Ball lying around I will let you all know.

I put it all together at and you can check it out there. Thanks to for making this dream a reality.

Connor with Honor

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Jan. 1, 2008

Real Estate Relocation -

Our newest addition to the Paris911 arsenal for those of you looking for Real Estate Specific Searches this time comes in the form for those of you interested in Relocation.

Relocation from one area to another area has its own set of problems.  There is a lot of stress relocating.  When you are moving up within a city such as around the Santa Clarita Valley.  You can move amongst several, each time switching schools, but you are around the same folks that you see in day to day activity.  From Valencia to Stevenson Ranch to Saugus, to Canyon Country, to New hall, to Castaic, to Acton and Agua Dulce, you can really make your rounds.  But again, while it is stressful, the act of moving and possibly changing schools, you are not changing seasons.

When you are relocating, truly relocating, for employment reasons, your family gets uprooted in a very quick way.  You have very little time in most cases so you need an agent that will take it by the horns and make it happen for you. 

For example you live in Lubbock Texas, your employer explains that you are required to be at a new job Monday at 0900 in Valencia California, and it is Friday at 4:PM.  That will send you into a torrential spin.  So you go home and hold a family meeting and explain that everyones lives are about be uprooted.

It would be nice to make one phone call to an agent that specializes in Relocation and let him handle it.  So we find you the agent in Lubbock Texas, get your house sold, we arrange for staying arrangements in a rental in Valencia while your home sells.  Once it sells, we get you into a local home here and close escrow.  We assist with the transfer of your kids and their schools with where they will be going out here.  We help with the DMV and registration with your vehicles, smog requirements for California differ greatly from Vehicles manufactured for Texas.  All of the CRAP that you cannot take the time to worry about we will take care of.

Relocation agents mostly fall short of the mark.  It is necessary for us to provide this service to our clients.  What a great feeling to know that everything will be taken care of regarding your relocation from where you are in your "comfort zone" to somewhere you have no one but a job to go to.

Check out (I should have it up in the next few days, I am finishing the final touches on it)

Paris911 - Turn it up!

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Dec. 29, 2007

Let us talk about “Your Privacy in Real Estate”

I am sure if you have been searching for homes for any length of time, you have seen the form fillers. Having to put in personal information in order to search for Real Estate for Sale is purely ridiculous.

Paris and I have given a lot of thought to the home search engine process. Making sure you can look for Real Estate for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Antelope Valley, Simi and Conejo Valley's and elsewhere, without obligation, is very important to us.

When you go onto a site and do an inquiry into a particular property that you are interested in, you are putting yourself and your personal information at risk. We get a lot of calls each and every week, and the question is the same, "Do you still work in Real Estate in the Los Angeles Area?" I reply yes, and then, "please hold on a moment so I can put you in touch with a Real Estate Lead specialist". I hold on for a moment and there is a "born salesman" on the other side of the call.

You might be surprised but I suck as a salesman. Having said that, I guess that is why people trust me and confide in me in regard to one of the largest investments that they will ever make.

He tells me that he has an opening (promoting exclusivity) in the Los Angeles Area for a multitude of Real Estate leads that will equate to more money earned in commission by me. I ask how this possible (playing along) is, he explains that he is part of some of the largest Real Estate search engines and he has a lot of people that are interested in the areas in which I serve.

I ask a lot of questions, come to find out he is not even remotely familiar with the Los Angeles Real Estate market, Santa Clarita or any where else I show properties. They mostly have slaughtered even the name "Santa Clarita" when the first caller asks if I still work that area.

What does this mean to you? Well someone will be making $$$ from your information. Personal information, including e-mail databases, mailing addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, and work addresses are big money. These lead generators pray on those of us that want instant gratification and don't bother to check on the facts. I have to admit, some of the times in which I have entered my personal information when requesting more information; it has always had negative consequences. It has also never ever resulted in my finding the answer or product that I inquired about in the first place.

We have information and data entry pages for specific Real Estate Searches. If you want Foreclosures and those lists related to distressed properties, you can merely visit and fill out the form. The information that you leave does not get sold, traded, or in any other way conveyed to anyone else. It stays within my strict supervision and my direct custody. There are no third parties, or even second parties for that matter. It is just me. Then what I do is run that specific search using all of the keywords possible to have the MLS (multiple listing service) hunt for all properties that meet that criteria. The result is a list that gets updated, massaged, and worked over and over again, e-mailed or mailed directly to you each time someone (an agent or one representing the bank, seller, short seller, or County etc…) presses the enter button on a new listing (distressed etc.) you get notified.

I have in excess of 52 keywords that I was able to come up with that cover all the bases in these distressed property specific searches.

If you are a police officer, deputy sheriff, teacher, firefighter or full time EMT, then you might qualify for the Officer Next Door Program by HUD (housing and urb. an development) These properties are FHA loan foreclosures and are available to the Police Officer, Deputy Sheriff, Teacher, Firefighter and EMT at a 50% discount from their list price. They want to establish good home ownership therefore; some of these properties are located within revitalization areas. But there are a lot of areas represented. We work with this program quite frequently and have been blessed ourselves by what it has to offer. You are required to use a Licensed Real Estate Agent that has a broker registered with HUD. So give us a call and let us show you the way, that site is located at I will get you regular updates as to the program and its most current lists of properties. Once you find something that you are interested in we will then start the hunt.

Here is another site that gives a lot of bang for the buck. the Santa Clarita Real Estate community is divided into Tract's. Remembering the builders, the city in its wisdom kept these and developed tract codes by builder. The cities of the Santa Clarita Valley include Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Newhall, Saugus, Castaic, Canyon Country, Agua Dulce and most parts of Acton. These are the areas that I can get you set up on a Tract Code list to have any area in which you are interested in e-mailed to you with any change at all being placed onto the Board of Realtors database and Multiple Listing Service. This way you can see whose property is for sale without a sign, you can monitor your area, or an area you are interested in for foreclosures, short sales, and other distressed properties. In addition, you can see what your neighbor sold their home for or placed it on the market at what price. There is a lot of valuable information that you can be updated with and what better way for you to be the "one in the know".,

Finally, I have been working with first time buyers and converting those that are renting and have been for quite some time, into home owners. Having said that, there are some of you that are renters, and should stay renters. Some of the variables that you have in your specific lives, even ones that boil down to personal choice, are more conducive to being a Tenant in someone else's property. About half of those that trust me to analyze their current situation and see if they fit the mold of being a home owner, are some in which I advise to continue renting. So this in large is something in which I hope to develop a relationship with the renter that goes far beyond monetary compensation. I want them to get the straight story without it being bent due to a feeling of "having to close a deal". We are not starving agents and owe that to the Lord Almighty. So for us to give information, it is of no obligation or cost to the subscriber. This location is at

I started off this blog talking about Real Estate Searches. You can visit the World Wide Web and look for homes for sale. But you can also go to, and see for yourself one of the best and most complete warehouses of listed properties for Sale. Also, you will never be required to input your information. You will be able to search to your heart's content for every available listing that is for sale in real time, in most of Southern California. If you want to get more information or want me to block your ascent into the goal, then all you have to do is ask by phone or e-mail. I will contact the listing agent and get the "rest of the story". This will better help you make an informed decision and not a decision based on something another inputted into the Multiple Listing Service.

I hope this message reaches you well and clarifies some of the ways in which your personal information becomes others property.

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Dec. 24, 2007

Santa Clarita Real Estate Market Snapshot

Viewing your local Market Conditions in the Santa Clarita Real Estate community is easier than ever. It matters not whether you live in Canyon Country, Agua Dulce, Acton, Saugus, Valencia, Castaic, Newhall, Stevenson Ranch, or elsewhere.

Just fill out this simple form and you are on your way to getting a Market Snap shot of the Real Estate activity. Buyers or Sellers alike can benefit from this valuable information and see the "at a glance" activity no matter if they currently own or are planning to buy.

Make sure you check out our great Search Engine for Real Estate in Santa Clarita California at you will be amazed.

Remember, the homes for sale on are all actual, on the market listings. Updated several times a day to make sure if they show up on the map, they are for sale now.

Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

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Dec. 22, 2007

Short Sales and Foreclosures

Working the Short Sale and Foreclosures database it not an easy task. There are times when in moments of personal reflection, I look from the view point of the sellers that are in these very precarious positions. Positions that cause a lot of stress and heart ache. By my past posts you will know that I believe that Stress is the number one cause of a body not being at ease, meaning you will become riddled with disease.

So, having said that, may we all be a bit more gracious and instead of running toward the foreclosures and short sales as other people's losses are our gains, maybe we should be a bit more respectful.

Santa Clarita Valley, the Antelope Valley, Conejo Valley, and the San Fernando Valley's foreclosures and short sales are building as I am typing this Blog.

Remember things never stay the same for too long. There will be a time when these unfortunate sellers will be back on top writing offers on others homes once again. People don't forget when others were gracious to them without reason and with nothing to gain by the kindness. Simply being kind because it is the right thing to do.

Remember we can all grow stronger from the sharing of pain, than we can by celebrating others hardships.

Searching for homes, if you are LAPD, LASD, CHP, or OCSD – check out the above links.

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Dec. 15, 2007

Santa Clarita Real Estate

As we have said from day 1 in the business. We want to offer something in the way of customer service coupled with Honor that has no equal in the Real Estate Industry. This starts from the very beginning of contact and building trust. Making sure the bonds are very strong and that there are no misunderstandings.

With Real Estate representation in the Santa Clarita Valley, San Fernando Valley, Conejo Valley, Antelope Valley and in other areas among the entire State of California, we have broken the mold. After a foundation has been built on trust, we then cross the chasm into checking every other entity that you are going to deal with. We want to see how the loan is going, how is it formed, what is the small print that might get you into a pickle in the next five or ten years? We have lenders on our end. We are very happy and in fact look at it in a very positive way if you have a lender that is a friend, family member, or someone that you have used in the past, and bring them to the table. However, having said that, we want to see how they are performing for you. We want to make sure that you are not going to look back in the next several years and be very angry with how the loan, or for that matter all aspects of the Real Estate transaction, was put together.

Do most agents get involved in the loan process? I would say not enough. I would also say that the final product, that has had many different people in different assignments, involved along the way, would be very confusing and leave you in the open, if someone was not watching out for you. However, we have been able to balance the transaction with performance since our start almost ten years ago. It has paid off and gives the added security when you want to buy a home, sell a home, or even just simply refinance a loan. Let me say this in closing. We are not Lenders or Mortgage Brokers, we are Real Estate Agents. Some would title themselves consultants, specialists, buyers or sellers representatives, oh boy are there are a lot of titles? I would hope that others in this field are not switching titles like underwear, in the attempt to mislead the general public. Possibly using the new title to undo the bad reputation that some of those in this industry have earned for themselves and by default, the rest of us.

I would rather not mucky up the waters and tell it how it is before all of the fancy titles started coming out of the darkness. We are Agents. Your representative when buying or selling real estate and that is it. We want the best for you and we want you to return to us as in a comfortable chair, when it is time to do it again. In addition, I want everyone you know to use us as well. I want you to be so exacerbated when we are finished, you will do nothing but to strive to send everyone you know and will ever know to us so they can have the same experience.

Raah - Raah - Sis, Boom, Bah - Paris911!!!

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Dec. 14, 2007

Internet Presence

After less than 4 weeks… Kinetic Knowledge with Kristen and Chris and that fantastic Blog they built me, has caused me to be Page 1 on Google, when running Valencia Real Estate News….

There it is. Real Proof, verifiable by any other. Thank you both very much and I look forward to being number 1.

With My Best…

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Dec. 13, 2007

Feeling Comfortable Searching for Homes

There is a multitude to be said about a lot of different topics that I have been reading about. I have read and re-read books pertaining to the different views about advertising, marketing, and how to conduct yourself to win the business of others.

One thing that is not talked about enough is having a level of comfort. The comfort that is like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes, or sliding into a easy chair, that you have sat in a thousand times before, in front of a cozy fire.

Paris and I have built several specific search pages that will allow the various user to feel as if he is at "home". We subscribe these services to our primary client base, the Law enforcement and Fire communities.

17 Years and still a Current Line Reserve, Paris' back ground putting up with me for the past 17 years…. (grinning) Making those that have used our services and will in the future, feel comfortable and at home, is of a paramount importance to us. We understand the philosophy of the "great win". That is where we do such a good job at making your home selling or home buying experience something that you will want to tell everyone else you know and even those you don't about. Having those of you that will carry the torch to others is a great experience for Paris and I, truly humbling, that you would trust your reputation on our established "concept" of Paris911®.

You can rest assured that you will be honored and never receive negative feedback referencing Paris911® in a unsupportive way. We will always value the individual over the many. We will always have more allegiance to those that use our services. We will even stand over other vendors that you might bring to the table or those that we refer to you and hold their performance to the fire. Making sure that their conduct and treatment of you and yours is the "top-shelf" of their work ethic.

For those of you that are Los Angeles Police Officers, check out for your Comfortable Chair when searching for homes.
For Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies, you can see your broken in shoes at, searching all So Cal…
The California Highway Patrol deserves to feel comfortable as well with when Searching the Multiple Listing Service.
LAFD, the Los Angeles Fire Department can find solace in and check out the active listings.
Los Angeles County Fire Department has a resource at to search for Active Listings.
Orange County Sheriff's Department, albeit a bit of a distance from here, has their own search page – Paris911® will do the drive for anyone that wants a straight shot and truth exemplified, they can check out for their home desires and needs.

And to those that take the calls, both emergency and mundane, we salute the Dispatcher out there with, Police Service Representatives everywhere, they too can search from a comfortable point of view and an easy chair with their site

All right, it would not be said that we are providing good representation of our market if we did not allow for another noble profession to have their own custom site as well. Those are the educators and teachers that work day in and day out with our children. Forming the minds that will sometime be cleaning up our messes, (literally). I have built a site that is Teacher and Educator specific for the Real Estate Searches in the Southern California Area. This one has the same Google interface, but is custom for the educator and teacher that is working diligently to have a piece or sell a piece of the American Dream. Check that one out.

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Dec. 12, 2007


Well we have come a long way since mailing Multiple Listing lists and active properties to prospective clients. I finally have a solution specific way for our various clienteles to view properties that are for sale and active on their specific Multiple Listing services with the various Boards of Realtors®. On our site we have two different solutions for home search engines currently. A fill in the blank form that is located on the bottom left of the home screen. This is being offered to our clients and I was able to secure it from our web-builder. I like it and it offers enough to the visiting public to be very useful.

I was able to locate, very recently, another solution that is offered by Diverse Solutions. It utilizes a Google Map Interface, which from what I hear, will be even better in the near future. Due to their ability to increase the resolution and get newer, more real-time, photos from space. The new MLS solution was unveiled on the Paris911® home page last week and it is now available at a LAPD officer specific location.

I am very excited and I hope it serves you well. There are a few options when it comes to buying a home and selling houses. You can go with an agent that is local. We would like to consider ourselves local to most of Southern California. I have to tell you that with my background and our main client base, when in an area that is on the map, that we don't frequent, I can tell if the area is going to be a fit for our clients. It is not rocket science just selling something that I would be able to sell in the 4.7 years when they are ready to move up or out. So when I take buyers around this Green Earth, I keep that in mind with the question, Could I live here? When I put two and two together, most people get 4, I ponder the "and".

I hope this reaches you well.

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Dec. 9, 2007

Many Thanks from Paris911®



Dear Kinetic Knowledge,

In order to give you some background on who and what we are, I wish to give a short background of where we came from and what we have accomplished to date, and finally what Kinetic Knowledge has meant to us.

In 1990, I graduated the LAPD police academy in Los Angeles California. It had been my childhood dream of being a LAPD Officer, from the age of twelve I started that ball rolling and graduated with honors. Shortly thereafter I met my wife, Paris. After a very short engagement, we were married and remain best friends to date.

In 1996 we purchased our first home in a suburb of Los Angeles, Santa Clarita California. After escrow closed we had quite a few occurrences, related to problems that we were not advised of, in regard to "disclosure" violations. At the time, I knew nothing about how Real Estate worked. I just knew that our agent at the time would not call me back. I attempted to call time and time again and if it would not have been for me having a friend setting up a "straw" buyer for this agent, our paths might never had crossed again. I was able to get these issues resolved albeit with some reservation, related to performance, and honor on the agent's behalf.

Shortly thereafter, Paris and I became licensed Real Estate Agents, mostly to see how I, this LAPD Officer, could have been taken. It was interesting looking back, our business took off. It seemed that the "Honor" we so believed in and "Code" that carries us aloft amongst our competition, is mostly absent from this industry.

We built our business like all of the others in our field. It was not until I met several key people during my travels and after I ultimately resigned from the LAPD, March 29, 2007, that things really took off. These key people to date are too many to number. Jeff Turner, the Founder of Real Estate Shows and Chris Frerecks at Kinetic Knowledge with his partner Kristen Veraldi, immediately come to mind.

Jeff Turner met with me for about a sixty minute time period. He was absolutely fantastic and the information me passed along was of such a nature, I will never be able utilize it all in this lifetime. I thought that this would never or could never be matched.

Enter stage right, Real Estate Blog Sites and Chris and Kristen. I signed up for their blog solution, after speaking with Chris on several different occasions. But the value, that I was hit with, like a freight train, was the conversation that I had with Kristen, how the blogs work. It was as if she had unscrewed my skull cap, and as if Play dough was knowledge, filled it to the point that when screwed down my skull cap, the excess (knowledge) Play dough, squeezed out of my eyes, ears, nose and out of my mouth. There was absolutely too much information being passed to me to be able to implement in the near future and possibly my lifetime.

I have not met such wonderful people as Jeff Turner at Real Estate Shows and Chris Frerecks and Kristen Veraldi with Kinetic Knowledge.

It is funny what you get when you don't expect anything. Their blog solutions are cutting edge and I knew that going in. It was the education that I did not expect and that alone was work the price of the custom blog with all its bells and whistles.

Connor T. MacIVOR


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