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I operate the most complete and longest running blog about Santa Clarita real estate. I am the true local area expert living in the Santa Clarita Valley during and after my LAPD career. I'm all about the protection and service to both my home buyers and Santa Clarita home sellers. The biggest compliment that any client of mine can give is by way of them referring their family, friends and those whom they know want to buy or sell real estate. I'm honored in each instance. Our business operates primarily by referral. 

First and foremost, my method is by teaching. I'm not teaching my home buyers and sellers on how to be real estate agents. I'm teaching them how to be best protected when it comes to buying and selling real estate. 

The best way to do this is by our in-person meetings which are done in my offices, over the phone or by remote meetings conducted with my Zoom Affiliation. I was the first agent to employ a podcast/radio show in my housing market updates. I was also the first agent to conduct seminars online with many participants where questions could be asked and where the best solutions to actual real estate problems could be discovered. I have had up to 50 live participants in my seminars within the online realm and mandate that my home buyers and home sellers become educated in one of my many processes.

Buying a home is not like buying a pair of shoes. There are a lot more moving parts and the price point is much larger. 

Anything that takes 30 years to pay off, typically, needs to be approached with care and concern. Making a mistake with real estate is expensive and some never are able to recover.

Take the last real estate cycle. There were a lot of home buyers that jumped in without testing the waters. If you did so during the later part of 2011 and in the 1st quarter of 2012 - your jumping in was the best thing you could have done. 

That is because during that time that was the low part of the real estate market. Between the fall of housing in 2007 and the current date, the last absolute low point in the Los Angeles Areas was last quarter 2011 and the first quarter of 2012.

I approach real estate with my clients with knowledge and experience. I know that most home buyers take the word for what they read online, no matter the source. If the source has a large well-advertised name, most take the information conveyed as the word of a higher power.

If you are interested in your better future in real estate, do not do that. Make sure that you are

June 30, 2019

24504 Ebelden Avenue, Newhall, CA 91321 - Santa Clarita home for sale



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June 30, 2019

How to find the best Santa Clarita real estate agent in 5 easy steps

We often talk about the best of the best. Not like "best of the best" in the military and in "Men in Black", both are parodies about the ultra-skilled only being a single error away from failure.

In real estate, it's not just one thing that makes a skilled real estate agent. It's several. Today, I will highlight the top 5 things that you should help you find the best of the BEST real estate in Santa Clarita and elsewhere.

Pay to Play - Real Estate Syndication sites

First things first. How does an agent get business? Most are paying for leads. They are going to websites that have come about during the last 10 years and paying them to get the leads.

The price of admission for building this type of real estate business?  It's only money.

The agent does not have to be good. The agent does not even have to care. They only need money in order to pay for the leads. How Much Money? That will depend on the real estate syndication website. Zillow and Trulia have agents that are paying tens of thousands of dollars for leads.

Those websites do their best to get the leads in which to sell said agent.

These are the newer agents. Those that think the real estate business is easy. Those who think that selling homes and representing buyers and sellers of those homes is simple.

Maybe their agent made it look easy(that's skill). Maybe the watched their agent, show them a home, write an offer on said home, keep the transaction from going off of the rails, give the buyers their key and get paid.

There are 50 line items that had occurred between the first step, which isn't even mentioned here - the first step is the Homebuyer real estate training.

Each of these real estate home buyer agent duties has at least 5 sub-steps involved - check this out.

  • Help you get a mortgage
  • Curtail and search for the right home for you by your parameters
  • Draft up a solid offer and negotiate said offer
  • Get you the best price for the home you are buying
  • Attend the inspection and ensure the home you are buying is going to be fit for you
  • Negotiate the home inspection and request for repairs
  • Share and recommend their professionals
  • Communicate and negotiate with the seller's agent - constantly battling for you to be on top
  • Keep tabs on your mortgage and ensure you don't lose your deposit!
  • Continue to wrangle all the entities involved within the escrow process until closing
  • 11 - BE there for you after closing

Pay to Play Part II

New agents can also utilize a pay per click campaign, facebook ads, Pinterest and Instagram ads.

PPC - Pay Per Click campaigns also will keep agents and the real estate syndication websites on top of the search engines like google. With the price of admission being over $10.00 per click in some cases.

We dominate three locations when you look at the entire search results page on Google for the search Best Santa Clarita real estate agents. This is not by accident and not by robo searching in the thousands of inquiries as you will see in this last result.

It's by writing the truth about the Santa Clarita real estate market and by keeping our clients informed.

All of these websites, including Twitter, keep your info and search history. You agree to it and if you start a search for Deodorant, you will start to see various ads for soap and deodorant start following you around the world wide web like a bunch of puppies missing their mother.

Tie this in with every single device that seems to constantly be listening, you are going to be seeing what you have been talking about all around you, everywhere.

If you mention real estate, those who are paying for your personal information at this level are going to obtain it and you may as well check into Witness Relocation.

Referral centric real estate agents

The Santa Clarita real estate agents in this category have done it right. They keep their clients informed and their clients know the true advantage they have in them being on their side.

As an aside, to show this more clearly, I have had clients comment about Paris and I.  Stating, "I'm sure glad you both were on our side." - Not that we were angry and mean to the "other side". However, we don't allow anyone to take advantage of our real estate buyers and sellers.

The best accolade anyone can get is a client by referral. Those agents are truly special. A secondary location to see those most likely to refer their client is to read Yelp Reviews.

We are number one agents in Santa Clarita Valley on Yelp - 5-star average and over 40 reviews at this time. Of course, we have had a couple of clients that were upset about how they perceived their transaction events, but we explained - to no avail.

1 - A REMAX client wasn't complaining about my team and me, just REMAX in general. She could not move in because the transaction had been delayed by the home seller, represented by another real estate company. She was explained what could happen but forgot. She became angry and there was no reasoning. Real estate transactions have things happen at no fault of the agents or other parties. We had a seller die once - that put a total kibosh on the transaction until it was remedied.

2 - Another was where another REMAX team was talked about on our Yelp Review Page. If you know yelp, there is no reasoning with them - "you cannot fight city hall."

The problem I have with Yelp is not the negative reviews being miscategorized. We have a 5-star rating after all. It's the way in which they take valid clients that are not "typical or traditional yelpers", who write a review and place them in the penalty box. Read our Not Recommended Reviews for REMAX Gateway and MacIvor Associates on Yelp.

When you take care of clients, they come back to you and they always will refer you to their friends, relatives, work associates, and acquaintances.

I have tried again and again to teach those who want to learn the golden rule as it applies to real estate and client retention. Some get it and the light comes on. Most of those whom I train, they don't want to do the work necessary to keep a client spreading the world about their real estate business.

Sad but true. However, the best way in which to do this is to take care of the client as you'd like to be treated. Act as if the shoe is on the other foot. Consider all the things that the clients are thinking about. Think of how scared they are of making a mistake.

Consider the hard questions they have and answer them directly. Is now the time to buy? Is the current market at the top about to collapse? What about the real estate bubble that we had experienced back in 2007 - is now really the right time or should I continue to rent for a while?

Clients also want to know the truth about loans and interest rates. We are not dealing with people like I was when I first bought my home. That was in 1996, I was a full-time LAPD cop and the agent ran all over Paris and me when we bought our first home. He took full advantage.

There was n0 where to go and no one to ask, My parents had lived in their home for over 20 years and they were not the real estate investor type. My wife's parents were going to be living with us due to them needing us to help them. I asked people at work and all I found were the self-proclaimed real estate experts. Those who knew everything and even could buy real estate for free - What a joke.

There was no website like our Santa Clarita real estate blog where everything about real estate is laid down completely and in order. From how to find the best Santa Clarita real estate agent to how to reduce your mortgage payments so your home is paid off early with a single simple step.

Organic Santa Clarita real estate agents

Where can a person, being one that wants to buy or sell real estate in Santa Clarita Valley, truly find the best of the best? One such place, after you have wrapped your head around all of the places not to look and what to watch out for, would be in the organic results.

What agents have been able to score a place on Page one within the Google or Bing search results for the keywords you happen to be searching for?

Who is left standing because of the content they are writing and what they are constantly sharing and talking about?

As you can see from a strict Google Search, of the places filled on the page, there are not may "organic locations" left. Of those, we are Blessed to have made it, for that and many other keywords, but the payment and local ads seem to be a very "focused" result.

18 AD's - Three Pack and "intuitive" clickable places on the page for the search result. 10 are organic results - with Yelp proving two locations within.

There are other channels that I occupy where people may be searching for homes. When you run a specific Santa Clarita pool Home search, I'm strong. When you are looking for a more broad result by searching using a term that has an excessive width - you will be lucky to find any result worth its salt for certain.

You will also see the real estate syndication websites fill the organic results field on Google and Bing. They are not paying for that placement. It's just they have acquired real estate agents who are willing to write content or answer questions for them. They, in turn, sell those same agent's leads back to them for money. I'm shaking my head, but it's true - real estate agents selling out themselves - Ah Well...

That local source. That original local agent. The boots on the ground single source, the person you can program in your phone and have his number on speed-dial. That's nice. Program Connor MacIvor, Realtor 661.400.1720 in your phone and call when you are ready.

Social Extrovert real estate agents in Santa Clarita

Networking with other agents. I do it but there does not seem like anything gets accomplished. Sure, those to drink - drink. There are people that are within the lender fields that come partake. There are title officers that present themselves in the hopes of getting a new agent to use them or to catch an agent on the rebound after a bad experience with their previous title representative. Other vendors, home inspectors, and pest control entities are floating and working the agents at the event.

There is not a change, because I have a friend in the business, of my offer being accepted by the other agent "my friend" over a "better" offer. By better, more money, better financing, shorter time frames, better for the seller, etc..

Networking may make it possible, if everything is equal, the "friend" may choose my offer over another agent who is not in the networking group. This is why I go to the networking events for Realtors in the Santa Clarita Valley.

However, I have been selling real estate, representing buyers and sellers in Santa Clarita Valley and Beyond since 1998. At the final curtain, the home seller should always have a real estate agent presenting them with the truth. That applies in the case with every single offer which has been received.

If you are a home seller, ask your agent if they have given you everything - good practice.

One other channel that I have in my repertoire, which I am alone, for the most part within, is Radio.

I have the longest running real estate podcast in the Santa Clarita Valley with a California housing and real estate focus.

On my show, I talk about the housing market and how to not get taken advantage of.  I lay it on the line. You may be looking for a "discount brokerage", but when you buy things from Walmart, you get Walmart quality and when you buy things from Saks, you get a different quality.

Have you seen the Hiring of a professional with the picture of the horse? On the left side, you see a wonderfully drawn picture of a horse's hindquarters. It's well done, in pencil - with shadowing, very realistic. Under that section says "professional" - on the right side you see a horribly drawn photo of the front of a horse in pencil. Under that side, it says "discount". You get the point.

This is by no means a "you must pay a lot to get taken care of" blog post. It's about the value and it's about how to find the Best Santa Clarita real estate agent while running those searches on your phone, within Google, and other places online.

I'll be here for you and yours when you are ready to make a move. I have been selling homes and representing buyers since 1998 in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. Most people find me on Google page one in the organic search results, for that I'm elated.

Please program into your phone, Connor MacIvor - Realtor - 661.400.1720 - Add my email too: - and if you want to add my photo, use my LAPD photo Circa 2013.

June 26, 2019

5 Reasons why Home buyers aren't afraid to write low ball offers

Have you ever wondered if you have overpriced a home? I will tell you this is a top concern for real estate sellers. Especially when the market is changing due to time of year or economic shifting.

If you look at most healthy real estate times of the year, focus on when schools let out, you will see a bit of a slow down on the sale of homes. This is because a lot of folks with kids are using that time to be "family-centric" and doing some vacationing. Or maybe taking a breather from all the dropping off and picking up. Still, real estate markets in most areas tend to slow down for a while.

During the holidays is another good example. As we approach Halloween, the Days on Market timeframes tend to increase. Inventory stays quite steady and most home buyers look at the homes listed during that time with adorable anticipation. Thinking that there is a great deal to be had. I mean, if someone has their home on the market during Christmas, they must really need to sell.

That is not always the case, but I will tell you as I have seen in quotes, "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take..." (Wayne Gretzky or Michael Scott or...) - Lots of argument as to where this came from - but it still is an awesome quote.

I'll get into the "why buyers are not afraid of writing a lower than listing price offer". This intel is also for the home seller's benefit. In some cases, sheer panic ensues when their agent is not forthright enough to keep them in the loop with feedback.

Prices Everywhere

When I'm pricing real estate for a home that I'm going to be selling, I make it a point to look to all the real estate syndication websites (zillow, trulia, redfin, and the others) to see what they say homes are worth according to their "algorithm - or whatever".

If you are a home seller or a home buyer, the "whatever" is going to make more sense to some of you :)

These systems are in place to sell your personal information in the form of a lead to those agents, vendors, real estate lenders, mortgage brokers, grocery stores, local food chains, etc. But first, they have to get you to give it up.

They do a good job and some agents and vendors pay tens of thousands of dollars a month to get your personal information in order to sell you something.

As for me, personally, I'm not a part of that mess. I do my best on our local Real Estate Podcast and within our Santa Clarita real estate blog.

When I look up prices "according" to the syndication websites, the number is very much different than the MLS, Multiple Listing Service, comps that I find within the Board of Realtors system.

In some cases, it's close - but in most those valuations don't take into account the home buyer drive. They are estimates on the closings, not the overall market health and activity.

For example, there is a sweet spot with every real estate market. If you have a home to sell and if it's in that sweet spot where many buyers are focused because of area, price range, size or other factors, they will pounce on that listing in numbers, no matter what time of year it is. When that happens you have a multiple offer scenario and your best negotiation tool.

Negotiation is built in

I meet with a lot of home sellers and buyers who don't want to negotiate. They want a straight from the hip buyer/seller who is not about playing games.

I explain that negotiation is not about playing games, if you could haggle over a loaf of bread and think that Ralphs would reduce the price for the asking, you would do it.

In real estate, everything is negotiable.

When you are buying a large ticket item, such as a home, that without changes to the financing, typically will take 30 years to pay off, you should be ready to negotiate.

Most home buyers that have good agents are ready to haggle a bit.

Of course, both parties should be advised the longer the haggling process, the less time is on your side. Meaning, if there is a home buyer willing to come in at list price, they may do so and get the home while the other buyers are wanting a "better deal".

The same logic applies to the home seller. If the home seller is waiting for that response to their counteroffer regarding price, another home could come onto the market which fits their buyer's liking. If that happens and if the buyer writes on that, getting it while the seller is waiting for a response, then you have to regroup and start the mission over.

I don't want to be offensive

Real Estate is business. Real estate should not be taken emotionally. Yes, this is harder said than done, but at the end of the day, both the home buyer and home seller want to close the transaction.

In some cases, some people are offensive from the word "GO". They come off as arrogant and hostile, you only have to look at some of the local real estate agents :).

However, don't fret. The home seller should have been brought up to speed regarding offers at lower than their listing price potentially coming through.

That possibility needs to be addressed as the elephant in the room and the strategies should be talked about to counter or reject those offers.

All offers need to be presented. If there is an agreement between the home seller and their agent to automatically reject all offers at less than listing price without needing to confer with said seller, then that is how that will play out.

In most cases, the sellers don't play that type of hardball. They typically want to review all offers. Also, most home buyers don't write so much less than listing price without reason or without validation.

Wanting to get a good deal is just that. But to gouge the home seller, most buyers won't. However, there are exceptions to every rule. The same applies to home sellers taking a hard line when it comes to the buyer's request for repairs - it happens.

Like beauty, getting offended is also in the eye of the beholder. But with good advice and stories of others providing that social proof, you can be a winner on either side of a real estate transaction.

Go with good advice and keep your emotions in check the best you can.

Days on Market timeframe averages

Real Estate data and statistics is also something that should be used if a home buyer is going to write less than listing price. This way the seller is not looking at it as an offensive prospect. They see the reasoning that was supplied in the form of factual information about their "why" of offering at that amount.

Most of the home buyers that offer lower than listing price are looking at the data that their agents have sent them.

However, after looking at many different homes, and seeing how long they are taking to sell, most home buyers start to understand the market and become more accurate with their offering prices.

Several factors should be taken into account when it comes to looking at the Days on Market time frames when considering making an offer.

  • Apples to apples
  • Within 1/2 mile
  • 180 days of inventory
  • Several comparisons
  • Photo validation of condition

Apples to apples refer to comparing the same types of real estate. If the property in questions is an attached single family home. The comparisons need to be between other attached single-family homes. If those homes and data don't exist in enough numbers to do a good evaluation - at least 7 closed sales, the agent is going to have to determine the difference between a non attached single family home and one that is attached.

Once that occurs, then the agent is able to align the sights better for a more accurate shot at the offer and the listing price.

It seems like a lot, but a savvy and experienced real estate agent will be able to get the data together quite fast and provide while your lender is putting together that pre-approval letter.

You miss all the shots you don't take

Offering on a home that you want to buy is something to never take lightly.

When going in you are going to want to make sure you are ready for all the possibilities. Maybe the home seller won't respond. Maybe they have an agreement with their agent to respond with "rejected" with any offers that are $10,000 less or more from the listing price.

There is a multitude of variations regarding how the seller can or may respond.

Knowing up front as a home seller how the buyers may respond to their listing price is also important from a sellers perspective.

To not be offended because of the offering amount is critical.

If you see a home that has been listed for 100 days, when all the other homes that are used as comparable listings (by the appraisal standards), are selling within 50 days, you may have a price issue.

There are other reasons besides price why a home that is priced right isn't selling. It could be that the home has upgrades that are not the norm.

Maybe the listing has had $60,000.00 in purple stone countertops, backsplashes and bathroom vanity tops with shower enclosures installed.

In this case, the upgrades have pushed the listing price of this home up for about 1/2 of the cost of the upgrades, per the current housing market.

However, if purple is not the "desired" upgrade color or if it's offensive to a majority of the current home buyers in the market, although the home is priced right, it may not sell until the "purple lover" presents themselves.

Then the natural follow-up question that needs to be addressed is how long will that take?

Of course, there is no way of knowing. Most home buyers will think that there will be "too much" to do even if they get the seller to discount their home $30,000.00. Even though that number makes sense, and most buyers can calculate that, it's the time and displacement of conducting such upgrades after they close escrow.

You have the time, and you have the cost. A $30k discount from listing price for the home buyer due to "non-typical" upgrades is awesome. The other question is how is the buyer going to pay for them when the time comes?

A $30,000.00 discount on a home mortgage amount is a lot less than putting $30,000 on a credit card. It'll be hard to bridge the gap between the two and even if the seller pays the buyer's closing costs - they are allowing them to be financed, there is no "actual money" that changes hands so the buyer can implement these changes.

Low Ball Offers on homes that are for sale are written day in and day out. Just make sure that your agent knows who their employer is, that's you. Make sure they are serving you at your expectational level. Also hiring local, real boots on the ground agent is also important.

Stay cautious of the real estate syndication websites. I have been writing on our SCVblog, Santa Clarita real estate blog, since about 2004 - that is when blogging was mostly family photos and trips.

Today, we have the most visited real estate blog for Santa Clarita real estate. I represent both buyers and sellers of Santa Clarita homes and have a referral network for finding a Top Real Estate agent in all of California. All I need to know is what city you are interested in having a home sold or buying a home within.

I'm Connor MacIvor and I have been representing home buyers and sellers since 1998. During that time I have seen the housing market change and shift several times. I always want my home buyers to be prepared to address real estate to their ultimate advantage.

In order to do this, I only want to manage one side of the transaction. I want to be either the Seller's Agent 100% or the Buyer's Agent 100%, not both, nor do I practice Dual Agency.

When ready reach out to me directly and I will walk you through the entire home buying or home selling process. I'm Connor with HONOR and I'll make sure your real estate is WON, not just done.

June 24, 2019

The big California real estate slow down 2019-175

To listen to the complete ------>

The Link - California real estate radio show

please click the link.

If the time has transpired between our last posting and uploading of a current real estate radio show, don't fret. All the California real estate radio shows are posted on the same page at the same link.

Finding out about the California real estate market

All you have to do is do a bit of searching, but they are all there except for the early ones. We are talking 2003-2007 - podcasting was so new, storage was so expensive, I only had local choices and we have been through several variations of our real estate and housing website since.

Connor Macivor: 00:00 Good to everybody. It is Connor MacIVOR. We're about to close out June. I'll let you know 2019 I'll let you know what those numbers are going to be looking like here as we get closer to the end of this month and I'll also give you some real estate tips and tricks to help you on your real estate journey, whether you're buying real estate, selling real estate, or thinking about investing in real estate. I'll give you those markets, the best advantage to each one of those types of buyers or sellers and then we'll talk about the rest of what really matters. Thank you so much for tuning in. This is housing, longest running real estate radio broadcast and podcast here for the Santa Clarita Valley cities. We have expanded to be more of a California platform because the referral network that we have created has become so strong that it's really important to also talk about, talk about other aspects of California and what kind of changes in the laws or whatever is going to impact you as a real estate buyer-seller in the rest of the state.

Connor Macivor: 01:00 So let's get into this all real estate data for all of southern California. If you go to SCV, do a very simple search and it'll pop up here with regard to our website and then from there you'll be able to see everything that's currently for sale in all of southern California and that's 16,388 listings active for sale. So that inventory happens to be up folks and even the local inventory here in Santa Clarita Valley, which is a smaller snapshot of other Metropolitan Areas All across southern California up to Sacramento, down to San Diego and you see that real estate inventory starting to build as we had predicted a few months ago, which is very typical in a healthy market during this time of year. The reason being is we have schools that have led out pretty much in all of southern California. There are some year based schools, but they're few and far between.

Connor Macivor: 02:01 So most of the schools have traditional summers. They have gotten out here in June this month or the last days for most of them. And then what happens is people typically go on vacation and if you've done any kind of recon online to see what tickets, cost and airfare costs, hotels, room, the hotel rooms cost, you'll see, well, of course, they do cost quite a bit. June, July, even into mid-August, September when school goes back into session. Then those prices really dip quite a bit all across the board. Same thing in real estate. What happens after that? The schools get out. People usually go on vacation, so the traveling around with their kids or whomever before they start thinking about real estate. Usually, it's going to be after they get back and that also includes people thinking about putting their houses on the market. 16 three 88 is up almost a listings over the past few months, so we are gaining traction in the real estate inventory realm.

Connor Macivor: 03:05 What that means currently is we're in a buyer's market, but that buyer's market, excuse me, seller's market, but that seller's market slowing down and starting to become and morph into more of a buyer's market. You can tell that by looking at the days on market timeframes, how long is it taking to sell residential real estate in southern California? Some areas are going to be slower than others. Some areas are more remote. We're looking at where 70 to 80% of the home buyers want to be kind of in metropolitan areas with neighbors, not too close, but close and close proximity to restaurants, hotels, if they're going to entertain people and guests. They also want to be close, of course, to restaurants, entertainment centers, the mall, the movie theater, the gym, these sorts of things, and if they're not super close, they want either public transportation or maybe for those properties that are a little closer, a way to get there.

Connor Macivor: 04:03 Maybe besides getting in the car in Valencia, California, and most of the Santa Clarita Valley, we have a very extensive per sale system, which is pretty awesome. You can go to Scv and over in the right in the search bar you can punch in Paseo, p, a, s, e. O. Then you'll be able to pull up maps and it'll show you these different per sale systems. We have all over the Santa Clarita Valley which you'll see in other cities as well. Here in California, it's interesting, so check that out, please. Currently, in Santa Creative Valley we are at an all-time high six 68 we haven't seen that number for quite a while, but again, days on market timeframes are increasing and we will watch over the next couple of months to see what happens. This is what I propose. I do believe that we're going to see more market activity, faster closings and more of compression of that inventory here over the next two, three and four weeks.

Connor Macivor: 05:01 As we approached midsummer point and then people are going to start to slow the roll again once school starts to go into session and real estate start going to start to slow down. Yet again, a lot of the move folks, a majority of them are based on school decisions. Either they're outgrowing the residences that they live in or they're downsizing because they have the empty nester thing going on, so all the kids are gone and then moving into other reasons. They're jocking for position because maybe they want a better school. Maybe they live elsewhere here in southern California where the public school isn't as highly rated as Santa Clarita and you can take that Intel and you can put that, match it up with the other cities in southern California as well, and then make those same assumptions. But those assumptions aren't assuming. They're actually very, very real.

Connor Macivor: 05:54 And if you do the further research, you'll find out that they're absolutely true within the local Santa Clarita Valley market. We do have it taking longer to sell real estate. Something that we're seeing when a property does come on the market because even though we do have more than more inventory than we had a couple of months ago, if that property is of your three bedroom type, if that property is somewhere between 1,820 200 square feet and you can run the spectrum on age, but if it's been upgraded and taken care of and that property is priced in the five 55 60 or 600 that thing's going to get multiple offers. That's going to go fast and that's going to run pretty much all through Valencia, definitely Stevenson ranch. It's got to run through the same trend in some parts of canyon country and also in Saugus. It's interesting to see those properties because now the sellers are faced with a multiple offer scenario and if you don't know what that is or the intricacies of being able to reply as a seller and or a buyer, make sure you're hiring smart.

Connor Macivor: 07:02 An agent that understands that multiple counter process and how to get you your best deal on both ends folks. So if you're representing, if you, if you are the seller, make sure you're hiring an agent that knows all about it and realistically that same agent should be on your side period. I'm not a dual agency fan. I don't like representing buyers on the listings that I have listed. And on the other side of the coin, I don't like taking my buyers to listings that I have listed. If we ever run into a conflict, we all have to have a sit down and find out exactly how the party is going to play out, how the decisions are going to be made, and if the buyers are still comfortable or sellers are still comfortable with me being on both sides, that's fine. But there's a lot of interesting things that can happen.

Connor Macivor: 07:56 I/he usually as a real estate seller's agent, that agent is going to know the seller's bottom line. They're going to know what that number is that that seller wants to achieve, not wanting to, not needing to go any higher. Let's say that number is less than the list price, which it usually is. Let's say a buyer contacts the seller's agent and says, I want to buy that house. So the agent says, great, what do you want to offer? Well, I want to offer and then gives a number and that number happens to be the seller's bottom line. The agent takes the offer from that buyer, goes back to the seller and says, Hey, we have an offer on your home. The client came through me. I'm representing the buyer as well. This is what they offer. You should watch the change on sellers faces when they see that bottom line number that was discussed in the privacy of their own home or the agent's office or whatever with their agent.

Connor Macivor: 09:00 It's a shock and realistically it's hard to get past. I know people should be fairer. Maybe agents should be more descriptive when it comes to how the actual process works, but at the end of the day, you can't help but think that you were sold out. You just had the carpet pulled out from under you and you smack your head on that coffee table. That's usually what's thought. So whenever I meet with sellers, we discussed that ad nauseum because I don't want to be that guy. I don't want to be the last man standing. When you're looking and trying to figure out if you were sold out and how much it just costs you to alleviate all of those concerns. With me at least it's better than I'm on one side. In addition to that, if you're hiring an attorney or whatever, in one of those situations, you're going to definitely want to make sure that you have your own attorney who's on your side 100% I do believe real estate because there are negotiations involved and negotiations could equate to lots of money.

Connor Macivor: 10:09 I do think it's important for you to have your own representative on your own side. That's something that we harp and preach on when it comes to new housing and new builder communities. They do pay us a commission to bring our buyers to their communities and show them real estate and sell them that real estate. It's nice to have somebody on your side and that's what I'm all about. I'll give you one more thing about dual agency representing one agent representing both sides of the transaction. You have six states, several states actually plus Canada who makes it unlawful for this to occur, so in Canada in those states, it's against the law for the agent of the seller to also represent the buyer on the same transaction. They're getting smartwatch out for that. If you happen to be a seller and also a buyer, I know that we get talked about a lot of times behind our back agents pitching well, it's better if I bring the buyer because I have more control over the buyer.

Connor Macivor: 11:11 Well then if you're the buyer, what does that mean is that that's, that's probably not good to have more control over somebody's you're a human being. You don't have somebody having more control over you to mean to me means a lot more than just being able to help you make decisions as far as window coverings and what kind of furniture you're going to put in the living room to have control over somebody has stated that way means basically being able to manipulate and coerce and squeeze into and forcibly all of these things. That's no good folks. Have your own agent on your own side. I'm Connor macgyver. This has been your real estate update here. We are getting ready to close out June. Made sure you go to housing how's the to see all the other information out there. If you do have a referral, add housing, if you're looking for an agent, let's say, and Sacramento or San Francisco or San Diego, and you want somebody that's going to adhere to our philosophy and mission statement here at STV, Connor macgyver and Paris macgyver, please you can reach us through housing you'll be able to enter the information with regard to the person who you were referring if you are a real estate.

Connor Macivor: 12:26 And of course we honor all the referrals in place, uh, the typical referral fees and such. And we're just here to help. I'm of macgyver. I hope you have a fantastic week. We are at Monday. Take it easy. Take it slow and love each other. We'll talk to you soon. I'm Connor MacIvor, over and out.

June 19, 2019

Palmdale Beauty Single Story great location private corner lot Now $519,000.00

  • Single Story Large home with an entertainers layout, close to schools and freeway access, private location with wonderful local proximity, no previewing necessary.
  • Check out some of the top amenities: Commercial grade Thermador 6 burner gas stove with double ovens and griddle, Triple pane windows and sliding doors throughout the home (increased temperature efficiency and decreases noise).
  • Solar panels that allow for annual electricity bill with SCE of $1200 - $1400 per year(buyer to verify all relayed information).
  • LED lighting throughout with motion sensor lights in bathrooms to turn off lights.
  • Granite countertops throughout, Shutters throughout (windows and sliding doors).
  • Drought tolerant landscaping front and back yard, Built-in BBQ with stove, refrigerator, and tile counter.
  • 4 people hot tub, with gazebo, RV access to the backyard.
  • RV electric hookup with 220/50 AMP in the front yard, 1000 sq ft.
  • Finished garage with 12 ft ceiling and built-in workbench.
  • 12 ft ceilings in the great room.
  • 10 ft ceilings in bedrooms/bathrooms, standing room in the attic.
  • Awesome Palmdale Home - located just minutes off of the freeway - accessible via one of the first exits (Pearblossom Highway!) in Palmdale from Los Angeles!
  • Location - Location - Location

    RV Parking, large frontal garage concrete slab, superior curb appeal!

    Truly a showpiece. This home has been very well maintained by its owner and is priced to sell. If you have been looking in some of the more rural areas where privacy is a must, this could be your best find yet. It's located where city utilities - Gas, Power, Water, and Sewer are all connected and serving this home, but it's not in a tract like setting.

    Open Layout - Large family setting with tasteful cutouts.

    Upgrades galore - shutters, custom tile, ceiling fans and more.

    Dining Area with super high ceilings.

    Truly an entertainers kitchen - large sitting island with upgraded chef's oven and stove top - Granite adorned counters!

    The kitchen also has a sitting area for eating and a walk-in pantry - all lit by LED lighting

    Desk Space - Lots of outlets - view of large backyard from the eat-in kitchen area.

    It is very much a custom home built recently. You are located minutes via public and city maintained paved roads from schools, shopping, restaurants, and other city-centric locations.

    See the Solar - Awesome Palmdale Home - located just minutes off of the freeway - accessible via one of the first exits in Palmdale from Los Angeles!

    Contact at 661.400.1720 to view this REMAX Gateway listing by Connor and Paris MacIvor. 3 - 2 - 1 - Action! Single Story - Large home with an entertainers layout, close to schools and freeway access, private location with wonderful local proximity, no previewing necessary. Check out some of the top amenities: Commercial grade Thermador 6 burner gas stove with double ovens and griddle, Triple pane windows and sliding doors throughout the home (increased temperature efficiency and decreases noise) , Solar panels that allow for annual electricity bill with SCE of $1200 - $1400 per year(buyer to verify all relayed information), LED lighting throughout with motion sensor lights in bathrooms to turn off lights, Granite countertops throughout, Shutters throughout (windows and sliding doors), Drought tolerant landscaping front and back yard, Built-in BBQ with stove, refrigerator, and tile counter, 4 person hot tub, with gazebo, RV access to the backyard, RV electric hookup with 220/50 AMP in the front yard, 1000 sq ft, finished garage with 12 ft ceiling and built-in workbench. 12 ft ceilings in great room, 10 ft ceilings in bedrooms/bathrooms, standing room in the attic and more.

    Presented By:

    Connor and Paris MacIvor

    RE/MAX Gateway - Valencia CA
    Licensed In: California
    License #: 01238257

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    RE/MAX Gateway each office independently owned and operated. 25101 The Old Road, Santa Clarita CA, 91381. 661-284-5429. Connor MacIvor CALBRE 01238257. If your home is listed for sale this is not a solicitation.

    June 10, 2019

    15 mejor casas de venta en Sylmar CA

    [listings title="15 mejor casas de venta en Sylmar CA" qs="city=29062&proptype=SF&sort=listprice&status=A" propcount="15"]

    Como siempre, queremos proteger y servir a nuestros clientes de bienes raíces. Quiero tener el máximo respeto por aquellos que eligen trabajar conmigo en mi negocio de bienes raíces. ¡Entiendo el significado de las palabras honor y código! Y he estado operando mi negocio de bienes raíces desde 1998 por la aplicación y utilización de la "regla de oro". Quiero tratar a todos los que se me acercan para manejar sus negocios de bienes raíces como me gustaría que me trataran si el zapato estuviera en el otro pie.

    Ahora que te he transmitido esto. Mi español no es muy bueno. Pero uno de mis profesionales es un hablante nativo de español. Ella obtiene la información y yo me ocupo de los contratos y las negociaciones contra el otro lado de la transacción.

    Si estoy representando al vendedor de casas, entonces estoy luchando por su mejor oferta.

    Si represento al comprador de vivienda, entonces estoy luchando por su mejor oferta.

    No represento tanto al vendedor como al comprador de la vivienda en la misma transacción. Si bien esta práctica es legal en el sector inmobiliario de California, no es mi método. Creo que hay mucho riesgo cuando el agente del vendedor es el mismo que el agente del comprador. El agente sabe mucho de cada parte y es muy difícil conseguir que las partes de cada uno de ellos finalicen su mejor oferta si todo es conocido por un agente de bienes raíces.

    Mi creencia no es algo que atraviesa toda la población de agentes de bienes raíces. De hecho, hay muchos agentes que no tienen problemas para representar al comprador y al vendedor en la misma transacción de bienes raíces. ¡Hago mi mejor trabajo representando un solo lado solo!

    Hay varios estados en los Estados Unidos que prohíben esta práctica, conocida como agencia dual. Mandan que cada parte en una transacción de bienes raíces tenga su propio agente, un agente diferente. Canadá también está de acuerdo con esto también. A medida que pase el tiempo, estoy seguro de que veremos que más y más estados prohibirán la práctica de la doble agencia.

    Los prestamistas son agentes de bienes raíces y viceversa
    Aquí hay algo más que parece causar una buena cantidad de problemas. Cuando un prestamista de bienes raíces es también el agente de bienes raíces. Y cuando el agente inmobiliario también es el prestamista.

    Desde 1998, he representado a compradores y vendedores de casas. Durante este tiempo he visto algunas personas muy codiciosas en la industria de bienes raíces.

    También me senté en mi oficina y escuché las historias de horror cuando me las tradujeron sobre cómo una persona en bienes raíces que manejaba el préstamo y la posición del agente simultáneamente en una sola transacción se aprovechó de todas las partes.

    Los bienes raíces son complicados. En California los bienes raíces son muy complicados. Hay muchos agentes de bienes raíces, muchos prestamistas de bienes raíces y muchos abogados.

    Hay más de 40 divulgaciones generales que acompañan a un solo comprador en una transacción de bienes raíces. Todas estas realizaciones requieren que tenga un experto en bienes raíces de su lado.

    Una persona que puede hablar con el prestamista de bienes raíces para que pueda estar seguro de obtener su mejor oferta.

    Recuerde esto, no está pagando a su agente para que lo represente al comprar una casa. La tarifa del agente de su comprador viene directamente del vendedor de la casa.

    Sin embargo, le está pagando a su prestamista para obtener un préstamo. Es agradable tener a alguien vigilando por usted, de su lado, solo en una parte de la transacción, observando al prestamista y otros proveedores.

    Bienes raíces del Valle de San Fernando
    Trabajé mucho tiempo en el Valle de San Fernando durante el primer capítulo de mi vida. Hemos vivido en Los Ángeles, Glendale, Burbank, Northridge y hemos vendido una tonelada de casas de propiedad del banco y casas de bienes raíces en Sylmar, Pacoima, Granada Hills y el resto del Valle de San Fernando.

    Las casas del banco realmente desarrollaron mi experiencia en bienes raíces en San Fernando. Teníamos literalmente miles de activos de ejecución hipotecaria en las ciudades del Valle de San Fernando. Trabajar en la venta y la representación del comprador en esas propiedades mantuvo a nuestra sierra afilada con seguridad.

    Traigo experiencia y conocimiento como ese a la mesa cuando se trata de bienes raíces. Quiero que mis clientes obtengan su mejor oferta. Quiero que mis clientes me refieran a todos aquellos que saben que quieren comprar o vender bienes raíces. Me encanta vender casas en el SFV y amo a aquellos que nos han visto como un recurso inmobiliario confiable de los agentes de bienes raíces en el mismo.

    El mercado de bienes raíces ha cambiado muchas veces desde 1998. Cuando ingresamos al mercado de bienes raíces, los sitios web de sindicación de bienes raíces no estaban funcionando. El acceso telefónico a AOL era una cosa, pero no había mucho, pero AOL Real Estate y, en el mejor de los casos, era algo incompleto.

    Zillow, Trulia y Redfin no habían entrado en el mercado y el Hombre detrás de la cortina todavía existía en el sector inmobiliario. Los secretos abundaron y cuando llamaste a un agente de bienes raíces había un cierto misterio.

    Ahora todo lo que tiene que hacer es conectarse y hacer la pregunta en google. En la parte superior de los motores de búsqueda, se encontrará con los sitios web de sindicación de bienes raíces. Son aquellos que venden su información personal y privada a muchas entidades diferentes.

    Si abandona su nombre y dirección de correo electrónico, será contactado por varias entidades dentro del mundo de los bienes raíces que están pagando generosamente por su información personal y privada.

    Usted puede tener su información personal y privada vendida a múltiples partes. Algunos prestamistas de bienes raíces y algunos agentes de bienes raíces pueden obtener su información personal y privada.

    Todos pueden llamarte para obtener tu negocio. No soy uno que paga por clientes potenciales de empresas y corporaciones como estas. No me gusta que me engañen. No me gusta que me mientan. No me gustan los juegos y realmente odio a las personas que me siguen.

    La localidad es donde está el corazón.
    Hay lugares en California a los que no viajaré para representar a compradores y vendedores de bienes raíces. Si alguien pregunta sobre una de estas áreas, tengo agentes de referencia sobresalientes. Sin embargo, nunca, nunca doy información personal y privada de otra persona sin tener su permiso.

    Los bienes raíces son mi segundo capítulo en la vida. Por primera vez, fui oficial de policía de la ciudad de Los Ángeles. Otra razón por la que estoy tan familiarizado con todos los vecindarios en el Valle de San Fernando.

    Ayudar a aquellos que necesitaban el servicio policial fue un honor para mí servir y proteger.

    Ahora, lo hago de una manera diferente al proteger y atender las necesidades de bienes raíces de mi cliente.

    Cuando esté listo, comuníquese conmigo por correo electrónico o a través de mis otras plataformas. Si desea llamar, 661.400.1720 es mi número de teléfono directo.

    Soy Connor con HONOR y me alegra poder servirle.

    Spanish to English for 15 best homes for sale in Sylmar

    As always, we want to protect and serve our real estate clients. I want to have the ultimate respect for those that are choosing to work with me in my real estate business. I understand the meaning of the words Honor and Code! And I have been operating my real estate business since 1998 by the application and utilization of the "golden rule". I want to treat everyone that approaches me to handle their real estate dealings as I would want to be treated if the shoe was on the other foot.

    Now that I have relayed this to you. My Spanish is not very good. But one of my professionals is a native Spanish speaker. She gets the information and I take care of the contracts and negotiation against the other side of the transaction.

    If I am representing the home seller, then I am fighting for their best deal.

    If I am representing the home buyer, then I am fighting for their best deal.

    I don't represent both the home seller and home buyer on the same transaction. While this practice is legal in California real estate,  it's not my method. I believe that there is too much at risk when the seller's agent is the same as the buyer's agent. Too much is known by the agent about each party and it's very hard getting the parties on each end their very best deal if all is known by one real estate agent.

    My belief is not something that runs through the entire real estate agent population.  In fact, there are many agents who have no problem representing the buyer and seller on the same real estate transaction. I do my best work when representing a single side solo!

    There are several states in the United States that outlaw this practice, known as dual agency. They mandate that each party to a real estate transaction has their own agent, a different agent. Canada also agrees with this as well. As time goes on, I'm sure that we will see that more and more states will outlaw the practice of dual agency.

    Lenders being Realtors and visa versa

    Here is something else that seems to cause its fair share of issues. When a real estate lender is also the real estate agent. And when the real estate agent is also the lender.

    Since 1998, I have been representing buyers and sellers of homes. During this time I have seen some very greedy people in the real estate industry.

    I have also sat in my office and listened to the horror stories as they were translated to me about how one person in real estate which handled both the loan and the agent position simultaneously on a single transaction took advantage of all parties.

    Real Estate is complicated. In California real estate is very complicated. There are many real estate agents, many real estate lenders, and many attorneys.

    There are over 40 general disclosures that accompany a single buyer side of a real estate transaction. All of these realizations require that you have a real estate expert on your side.

    One who is able to speak with the real estate lender so you can be assured of getting your best deal.

    Remember this, you are not paying for your agent to represent you when buying a home. Your buyer's agent fee comes directly from the home seller.

    However, you are paying your lender to get you a loan. It's nice having someone watching out for you, on your side on only one part of the transaction, watching the lender and other vendors.

    San Fernando Valley real estate

    I worked a long time in the San Fernando Valley during the first chapter of my life. We have lived in Los Angeles, Glendale, Burbank, Northridge and have sold a ton of bank owned homes and real estate owned homes in Sylmar, Pacoima, Granada Hills and the rest of the San Fernando Valley.

    The bank owned homes really developed my expertise in San Fernando real estate. We had literally thousands of foreclosure assets in the cities within the San Fernando Valley. Working in the sale and buyer representation on those properties kept our saw sharp for sure.

    I bring experience and knowledge like that to the table when it comes to real estate. I want my clients to get their very best deal. I want my clients to refer me to all of those whom they know that want to buy and or sell real estate. I love selling homes in the SFV and I love those who have seen us as a trusted real estate resource of Real Estate agents therein.

    The real estate market has changed many times since 1998. When we entered the real estate market the real estate syndication websites were not up and operating. AOL dial-up was a thing, but there was not much but AOL Real Estate and it was sketchy at best.

    Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin had not entered the market and the Man Behind the Curtain still existed in real estate. Secrets abounded and when you called a real estate agent there was a certain mystery.

    Now all you have to do is go online and ask the question in google. At the top of the search engines, you will run into the real estate syndication websites. They are those who are selling your personal and private information to many different entities.

    You give up your name and email address, you will be contacted by several various entities within the real estate business world who are paying handsomely for your personal and private information.

    You may have your personal and private information sold to multiple parties. A few real estate lenders and a few real estate agents may get your personal and private information.

    They may all call you to get your business. I am not one that pays for leads from companies and corporations like these. I don't like to be misled. I don't like to be lied to. I don't like games and I really hate people that string me along.

    The locality is where the heart is

    There are locations in California where I will not travel to in order to represent buyers and sellers of real estate. If someone inquires about one of these areas, I have outstanding referral agents. However, I never, ever give any other person's personal and private information without having their permission.

    Real Estate is my second chapter in life. For my first, I was a Police Officer for the City of Los Angeles. Another reason why I am so familiar with all of the neighborhoods in the San Fernando Valley.

    Helping those who needed police service was my honor to serve and protect.

    Now, I do it a different way by protecting and serving my client's real estate needs.

    When you are ready, reach out to me by email or via my other platforms. If you want to call - 661.400.1720 is my direct cell phone number.

    I'm Connor with HONOR and I'm glad to be of service.

    June 9, 2019

    19356 Kristen and David


    Good day, Kristen and David,

    I hope your evening was excellent and your morning even better.

    I have put together the online comps with several associated reports which will show you exactly how your value is represented online and within the same tract (re-solds).

    As I stated - Looking at the home will help as will the care you talked about being proactive about in reference to its current condition.

    If you'd like to proceed - Just let me know and I'll be there and we will get a plan of action together that will benefit your family best.

    This is a password protected page, as you know, nobody else has access.

    Furthermore, when wanting to get any additional information from the online channels, be wary of Zillow, Trulia and Redfin - they are syndication sites in nature and will sell any personal information you give up.

    I'm here for you - Be Super Well!


    19356 Line Comps - 180 days same tract - 





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    June 7, 2019

    5 top tips in necessary pest inspection company hiring in Santa Clarita Valley

    There many termite and pest control companies in the Santa Clarita Valley. Not as many as there are real estate agents, :) but there are many.

    When you are buying a home this part of the inspection process for the home buyer is very necessary. Without it, you may be buying something that could fall down with the very next strong wind or slamming of a door.

    Stay tuned as to some items that you may not have thought of as it pertains to you buying or selling real estate. In some cases, the termite inspection part of a buyer's due diligence could not be more important. The same applies to a home seller considering whether to sell or not. As is the case with any homeowner wanting to keep tabs on any potential infestation they may have which is demolishing hard earned equity.

    In this post, I'm going to go out on a limb with some high standards that I have set for our pest control and termite company vendors. There is only one which has adhered to our strict standards and I'm always ecstatic to talk about them.

    These are five of the most common things that should be looked for in a top and best termite and pest control company within Santa Clarita and greater Los Angeles areas.

    Our go-to is Braveheart pest and termite control. When you are ready, contact me (Connor) and I'll make a proper introduction for you.

    We give this company a lot of business and have not had a single complaint. We do a lot of real estate buyer and seller representation in the Santa Clarita Valley and in the Los Angeles communities. It's impressive that Frank and his team keep on the top end of the "client satisfaction" spectrum.

    Here is how the termite inspection process works and how you know if you are hiring a good Termite and Pest control company.

    Accountability for Santa Clarita Termite Companies

    First things first. If you are looking to have a company service your home or rental to control pests - rats, mice, bugs, spiders, insects and more, then this is also one of those "dual status" companies.

    Dual Status means they are full service. They just don't do the inspection and take care of "in escrow" work within a real estate transaction. Frank and his crew also are also the hired guns which have humane pest control options available.

    Now that you know that Braveheart termite and pest control can handle the 'general' run of the mill pest control services, now you can rest assured they have a completely verifiable "home seller and buyer arm" in the pest control process.

    If you are a home buyer, you are going to be tasked with hiring a termite and pest control company to come and inspect the home, condo or townhome you are buying.

    When we have our home buyers get to this point in their inspection process, I typically ensure that the termite company, Braveheart, is with all parties during the home inspector inspection process. This way they can cross-reference their findings. For example in a home with a raised foundation, the termite inspector may be checking for the bathtub pans to be in a particular condition. The home inspector may have made reference to them as part of his report and both parties will probably have crawled underneath to see if there were additional issues created by a leak.

    If mouse droppings are viewed, both experts are able to ascertain the current level of infestation and then collaborate as to the best way to proceed.

    Of course termite, this is really where the rubber meets the road. What is the status of those items that are actually infested and those items which pose a threat of becoming termite infested?

    Overcharging and under delivering

    This is always a risk in the real estate pest control and termite inspection phase. What if the company which is hired makes a habit of overcharging and underdelivering their service? I will tell you they don't work with our team any longer, that is for sure.

    I will fire a company that is gouging anyone of my sellers or home buyers faster than you'd swat a mosquito on your neck.

    You may be wondering how I find out of there is any of the "overcharging" going on? It's not on purpose, but in most real estate transactions, there may be present a "sellers termite report" or something that was completed prior to the home being listed for sale providing clearance.

    Now, if the buyer's termite inspection report is "way different" than the companies report which the seller had provided, something is wrong.

    That's a red flag and I address those red flags quickly. "Heads will roll", as they say.

    Sometimes, when preparing a Santa Clarita home for sale, I speak with the sellers and want to identify all potential problems before the property is listed and marketed to the home buying public. In this way, I am able to cut issues off at the pass and my home seller knows what their potential costs will be if they are ultimately going to be negotiated within the sales process.

    This works the same way as it does with having a seller's home inspection report completed by a certified home inspector. That way the seller can address issues they don't know about and then be totally upfront with all home buyers who approach and write offers on their house.

    What a great place to be, as a Santa Clarita real estate seller, being able to provide to every person and potential home buyer documentation of the exact condition of your home buy a top pest control and termite company like Braveheart and a home inspection company.

    Talk about transparency, that is the epitome of being transparent.

    Location not only applies to real estate but in Termite Inspection service

    Where is the termite and pest control company located?

    It could be they are coming from an area not familiar with our particular type of homes or unfamiliar with what types of termites are most prevalent in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    When you are getting ready to hire a pest control/termite inspection company, check where their offices are. Do they have a real brick and mortar shop or are they working out of someone's garage?

    Of course, every company has to start somewhere, If they are upfront with a real address, you have a built-in enforcement mechanism if something goes awry.

    This is very important to me being a real estate service provider. A real estate agent, as far as I'm concerned, needs a real office to meet with clients and to have clients follow up with. Having a real brick and mortar location shows stability.

    The same applies to a Santa Clarita pest control company. If they have a real office it helps with client comfort and trustability.

    Also, if the termite company and pest control servicer have a real address for an office, you can go to complain if things go wrong, or maybe drop off cookies if all are awesome!

    Talking to the termite company and communication

    This one is huge in my book. When dealing with these types of service providers, we need to have open lines of communication when it comes to giving full disclosure to the buyer and all of their "involved" parties.

    It happens a lot that during the inspection process for a home buyer they have multiple family members present. Those family members may be very "hands-on" people from varying generations.

    Having a pest control company that is willing to do a full audience debrief relating to the current status of the home being bought or sold, that is critical.

    Personality and communication play a large part in my real estate representation process for my Santa Clarita home sellers and home buyers.

    Working with professionals that balance the truth about the condition of a Santa Clarita home to the home buyer in front of their people and with the other real estate professionals present helps all parties feel comfortable.

    After hours support provided. I will say that sometimes questions come up. Buyers speak with members of their family or friends which weren't present during the termite and pest control debrief. The home buyers ask me and I may have most of the answers, however - there is nothing like speaking to the consummate pest control professional when they need an answer.

    On weekends, during holidays and after hours, when you have a company who is willing to go over issues, you have struck gold.

    Availability and scheduling of a pest inspection

    You know a good company who does not take on too much where their clients start to suffer.

    Frank and his Braveheart pest control and termite inspection team don't stretch themselves too thin!

    They are busy enough to know they do a great job and other multiple realtors and commercial operations hire them but only take on the additional business to the point where the clients are all well served in a timely manner.

    There is nothing that I hate more than to call a professional, only to have them not show up or show up late.

    In all my dealings with Braveheart termite, I have never ever had any person from their inspection team show up late to any of my appointments with my home buyers or sellers.

    When you are referring a termite inspection company and pest control servicer which you are using yourself at your own home to keep things and the pests at bay, you know they are going to have a great reputation.

    Frank did not ask me to write this. This is my process. I educate my clients as to how the Santa Clarita real estate transactions work. I want my home buyers and sellers to be prepared for all things, good, bad or ugly.

    What I have done in this Five Top tips and things to consider when wanting to hire a transactional termite company and pest control service is talked about some of the most important things to look for.

    It's super important to make sure the pest control has good communication when dealing with such a company as part of the escrow process. Can they deliver on what they said they will fix and for the amount agreed upon? Are they willing to make the repairs within a compressed time frame?

    How is the company organized? What happens if something is not completed as promised? How does the complaint process function? Who do you call and how hard is it to get the "powers that be" on the phone to discuss?

    Within my Santa Clarita real estate business, follow up is very important. Having a pest control and local Santa Clarita termite company that does a follow up inquiry is truly excellent. It makes for a warm and fuzzy feeling with home buyers and home sellers and really makes Paris and I shine.

    Frank and Braveheart Termite and Pest Control

    Totally accountable. Frank and his team are top termite and pest control professionals servicing the Santa Clarita Valley and Greater Los Angeles Communities.

    Every single interaction has been super positive and never has anything gone wrong. If there was any doubt Frank understands the golden rule very well. Treat others as you want to be treated is his mantra.

    I'm so elated to provide for this article about our first choice in a pest control company and termite inspection company serving our real estate clients needs in the Santa Clarita Valley.

    Thanks, Frank for all you do and we appreciate your boundless help with our real estate transactions and for our home clients.

    Who are we and why does it matter?

    Paris and I have been selling real estate since 1998. Representing home buyers and sellers since that time. We became licensed in 1998 as a result of our first home buying experience that was horrible and caused us a lot of sleepless nights.

    It was due to us hiring an agent who was in the real estate business for himself. He was selfish and totally steered us into a corner.

    He did not disclose things which he needed to, he did not take care of us as his clients and did not answer the phone after he got paid!

    It was a horrible experience, one that was the catalyst in both Paris and I getting our real estate licenses.

    We both vowed to never allow the same to befall a real estate client of ours. We always have adhered to the golden rule and the mantra of protecting and serving our real estate clients above and beyond our call of duty.

    Frank at Braveheart termite and pest control in the Santa Clarita Valley shares many of my same tenants in his personal and professional business dealings. I am proud to present him on the Top Santa Clarita real estate blog -

    Thanks, Frank and please extend my professional thanks to you and your staff. Great job!

    June 3, 2019

    5 best Buying and Selling updates for Santa Clarita June 2019

    Local real estate and housing inventory are best described in the five ways that we have seen prove true over the years.

    This is how the local Santa Clarita home experts look at the housing market.

    Housing Inventory

    The data has to be apples to apples. The townhomes and condos are going to have a different dynamic as it pertains to local performance. Their price ranges make them more attractive to the first time buyer and also the investors in the world.

    The chart for this particular entry comes from my multiple listing service for Santa Clarita Valley. You can see all the available real estate listings on Current housing inventory for Single Family Residences in the Santa Clarita Valley as of 6/02/2019 at 1356hrs is 509 active real estate listings.

    When I ran the data reports I observed our low point in Santa Clarita real estate inventory for the Single Family Homes to be at the low point December of 2018 within the year parameter I researched.

    Days on Market Timeframes


    Something noticeable - researching the local SFR Days to Sell time frames - we see that also has reduced at the same time while we see an increase in housing inventory. Available units for sale in Santa Clarita Valley - Single Family Homes, has increased by 70+ listings from the low point of December 2018.

    This dynamic to gauge a real estate market is super important when speaking with home sellers and also home buyers.

    Home Sellers want to know how long, on average, it's going to take to sell their home. The research and the DOM experience for the sellers also convey really important information as to how the "current market home buyers" see their home as compared to the other real estate listings they may be in competition with.

    Price ranges are really varied in the Santa Clarita Valley in the Single Family home housing type. Currently, you are able to purchase a single-family home in the SCV cities from in the mid to high $400,000's.

    When a home is for sale that is basically comparable with another which is adhering to the current Days on Market time frame average and does not sell, it's a good indicator that the specific home has some type of issue.

    The issues that are most prevalent can be contained within the same zip code, where there are more dense populations with homes closer together, versus a home that happens to be more "rural" in nature located off of the beaten path. The second housing type, off the beaten path, will not sell as quickly as the more urban housing location.

    These tips are important when it comes to being a buyer or a seller in the local Santa Clarita real estate housing market.

    Distressed Inventory

    Currently, distressed housing and real estate inventory is very low. Actually, to put that better, it's a normal market and having less than 1% distressed (foreclosures) is typical in a "normal and healthy" real estate market.

    This indicator is what is talked about with my Santa Clarita Sellers and home buyers. All home buyers want a "great" deal which bank owned and distressed homes tend to be. However, this is not always the case, as the banks don't fail :) - They are going to set the value of the foreclosure and bank owned asset within the real estate market variation. They are also going to want to shoot for the "top price" obtainable.

    When Paris and I worked for CitiBank, this was the strategy. In most cases, we were priced at an under market value. This was a 90 day in the future estimate where we had determined the market was still trending down. The offers that were received on each foreclosure asset were multiple in number. Each offer was responded to in "highest and best" fashion. Paris then pits those offers against one another and in most cases the bank made out better than they would have without using that pricing strategy.

    New Construction and new home builder activity

    If you want to truly understand how the housing market is doing, all you have to do is have a look at the new home builder activity.

    They have literal think tanks of real estate housing market number crunchers that are looking at many data points in relation to the housing market.

    1. The new home builders then making decisions based on those variables to establish whether or not they are going to build or not build.

    2. Then, if the result is built, they are going to decide whether to build standing inventory (this is a super hot market indicator).

    3.  Are they going to build a percentage of homes as "standing inventory" - which is a hot market indicator?

    4. New home builder communities closing shop early - watch out. Before the last drop in the real estate cycle, this happened 7ish months out from the subprime lender failing.

    Then you have lesser market confidence type indicators, such as building to own, etc.

    In the Santa Clarita Valley, we are in between DEFCON 1 and 2 :) - information as of 06/02/2019.

    Interest rates and loan types

    If the Homebuyer is the head, then the interest rates are the neck. Interest rate rumors of a potential increase, make home buyers want to buy.

    Interest Rate increases also make home sellers want to sell.

    If they reduce, then that creates a refinance housing and real estate market.

    I watch the interest rates every single day. It's ultra important to keep track so I can best inform the home buyers and sellers that we are working with and others that I meet that just want to know the housing market health.

    Recently we had the meeting of the FED where they kept rates the same as they were before. The obvious observation is that the interest rates won't always stay the same. In fact, there will be changes in the future. Will those interest rates change for the better or for worse?

    When I'm translating the real estate and housing market in Santa Clarita Valley or Las Vegas for our home clients, I ensure that I'm making decisions which are taking into account all of the real estate market data.

    These five points are critical in the dissemination of good real estate housing market updates.

    I am Connor with HONOR MacIvor. I have been representing home buyers and sellers since 1998. During that time I have helped thousands of people either sell or buy real estate.

    Google me and you'll see where I am and what I'm about. Call me to talk about how I will be able to serve your Santa Clarita real estate and hosuing needs. 661.400.1720.

    May 8, 2019

    The Best 5 New Santa Clarita home updates and tactics to watch out for

    I went to a new home center just off of Plum Canyon with a client of mine, with whom I had already "registered" with the new home builder.

    Future New Home developments Santa Clarita Valley

    We went again to make sure he was happy with the new home he was buying, the new home I was representing him on. When we walked in I observed a sales person that I had not encountered before.

    He approached my client, I was coming, but lagging behind, he was pushy beyond pushy. He said, "in order to get you started, you need to sign in. Take this iPad and enter your information on it. Then we can help you."

    • Having your own agent at no cost to you!
    • Finding out the phase number of the release
    • Asking how much each phase has progressed "gained in price" from the beginning
    • Finding out how much the true mello roos taxes are and if you can negotiate a 1 year or more credit?
    • Making the new home builder's agent reveal how they can keep your agent informed if a home falls out of escrow matching the one you want to purchase and giving you that at a discount.

    He was fast, direct and to the point. After my client signed in, I said I was his agent. He said you must be here the first time your client enters the new home center or you cannot represent him. I said it had only been 25 seconds, I thought he was kidding, he was not.

    Most new home agents are right on the mark, some are way off and are causing the new home builders profits for sure.

    I further explained I had been present a couple of days ago and that I registered my client, I even had my copy of the receipt from my registering them in my car.

    The lady I signed up my client with intervened. How embarrassing I thought. Too bad they are so aggressive, I bet they turn off a lot of people.

    There is a lot of money to be saved if you have your own real estate representative when buying new homes from new home builders. Call me and I will explain my method. In order for me to represent you, you must not have entered your email or name in any way shape or form at the new home builder models and with the new home builder's agent.

    By this simplistic act, you give up a lot of $$$.

    New Santa Clarita home activity - future building

    Residential Projects in the Santa Clarita Valley and LinksMajor Development Projects in SCV

    Project Name                                      Units to be Built                                                Description                                                                                                                             Project Status                                                  

    Santa Clarita


    Whitaker Bermite                             2,911                                                                     1,244 SFH and 1667 MFU                                                    Approved with Long Term Land Remediation                   


    Vista Canyon                                      1,100                                                                     Single Family Homes                                                               Under Construction


    Princessa Crossroads                       925                                                                         Multi Family Homes                                                             Under Review



    Sand Canyon Plaza                           580                                                                         Apartments/Townhomes/Condos                             Approved



    Aliento  (Golden Valley Ranch)     495                                                                         Mixed Residential/Senior Units                                   Under Construction



    Bouquet Canyon Project                461                                                                         Single Family Homes/Town Homes/Bungalows                EIR Process




    Ravello/Placerita Ranch                  322                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Planning Review



    RiverVillage Area D                           184                                                                         Multi Family Homes                                                          Under Construction



    Park Vista                                             182                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        EIR Process



    Galloway Senior @ Five Knolls     140                                                                         Age Restricted Units                                                        Under Construction



    Mancara at Robinson Ranch        109                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Planning Review



    Dockweiler 21                                       96                                                                         Condos                                                                                 Planning Review



    Avanti @ Westcreek                          92                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Under Construction



    West Creek / West Hills                    88                                                                         Mixed Residential                                                             Under Construction



    VTC Square                                            60                                                                         Mixed Residential                                                             Under Construction



    Newhall Crossings                               47                                                                         Mixed Use Residential (Will be Leased)                     Under Construction



    TMC Residential                   42                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Approved, On Hold


    Links: (Master’s University Master Plan)

    Ted Robinson                                       40                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Pending


    Links: (I am guessing on this as 40 Single Family related to the Sand Canyon Country Club Project)

    Canyon Brook                                      35                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Approved


    Sand Canyon Estates                         22                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Approved, No Action


    8th Street Subdivision                        17                                                                         Single Family Homes                                                        Under Review




    • Sources: City of Santa Clarita and The California Economic Forecast
    • SFH: Single Family Homes; MFU: Multifamily Units; TH: Townhomes