Does this make sense?  In real estate we call it "buying a listing", it does not mean a home buyer buying a sellers listing - it means an "Agent" over promising a seller by securing their listing by overpromising and underdelivering on price.

You may have a dozen realtors that tell you your home is worth 500k - then you that one, he may be dressed a little bit better, he may have just a little more sparkle in his eye and a more springy of a step - he tells you that he can sell your home for $550,000.

sell my home guaranteedWho do you choose?  Most of us would choose the professional that said he can deliver on a $550k price.  Maybe he knows something the other Real Estate agents don't.

Unfortunately, it typically is not that they know more than the other real estate agents, it's because they just bought your listing.

One More Thing - You have heard about those "Guarantee's" that are making their rounds with regard to listing agents advertising them.

Things like "Home Sold Guarantee", "We will sell your home guaranteed, or we will buy it", or even "Your home sold in 59 days or we will pay you $$$..."

If you have seen these programs being offered by agents, then you are probably looking for a real estate agent that specializes in listing real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley.

How can other real estate agents offer such a program and a Guarantee that if my home does not sell they will buy it from me?  Watch out for the ****!!!