Not that it's an all-time real estate record - but it is something worth talking about because it has been years since our local housing inventory has exceeded 600 units for sale.

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This week in real estate within the Santa Clarita Valley cities, as of Monday at 0548am, we have exceeded the past few years with the numbers of active real estate listings.

This does not mean that the home buyer drive has slowed down. No, this is a different dynamic and I will explain. First, let me give you the numbers for the real estate which is in process.

By 'in process' I'm referring to the homes that are currently in escrow. I will show you how that compares with the current active real estate inventory in Santa Clarita Valley which is not in escrow - so hence "active".

As of 0557hrs on July 9, 2018 - my research revealed that we have currently 481 real estate listings within the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - Castaic, Canyon Country, Newhall, Saugus, Valencia and Stevenson Ranch.

Of those real estate listings in escrow I have the further breakdown being:

  • 342 of the homes currently in escrow within the Santa Clarita Valley are Single Family Residences
    • of those Single family residences, 20 are attached, versus detached (stand alone - not sharing any walls)
  • 86 of the residences within escrow are classified as a condominium
  • 50 of the transactions are involving townhomes within the SCV. Townhomes are classified as such due to multiple stories, not one level as condos.
  • 3 are "other" types of residences. Just in case you were adding up the numbers looking for the 481. Others are classified as manufactured, Stock Cooperative, loft, commercial, duplex, triplex, quadruplex, etc.

These numbers go a long way to indicate that buyers are buying homes and sellers are starting to enter the market at a higher pace. However, the market is still exceedingly tight, well within the seller's market zone.

One of the concerns that seem to be holding back potential residential real estate sellers is the issue of not being able to find a home to buy. Most of the current sellers, who would be staying local, have issues with the available inventory. I have several real estate listings that are in a "holding pattern" due to the sellers not seeing anything they'd like. Or, if they do, it gets "scooped" up within a short time frame.

The other factor that sellers are looking at would be their current interest rate for their Santa Clarita home versus what they will be paying on the next one. Most homeowners in the SCV cities refinanced close to the bottom of the market are have their interest rate on the mortgage somewhere in the 3's.

That is very low and those numbers will probably not present themselves to us again in our lifetimes.

Is renting and buying an option?

One thing that we tell our potential real estate sellers to have us help them with would be a "rental" and buy scenario. If our real estate clients are capable, it may make better sense for our clients to rent out the home which was their primary residence. As you can see "honesty over commission" that is why our real estate clients say we are the BEST in Santa Clarita real estate!

The interest rate may be so low that it could sustain itself and even better, cash flow every month.

Depending on the background of the homeowner and the types of loans they can qualify for and for what amounts, will depend on if the rental of the primary residence scenario will work.

Protective measure 1 - reserves

Also, the amount of "reserves" on hand is also something worth exploring with your real estate professional, as we do with our clients. You will need enough on hand to allow for a full eviction. This includes attorney fee's and continuing up with the mortgage, taxes, insurance, management (HOA), and maintenance fees.

This is not meant to scare but to be real. Even the best tenant can have issues keeping up with the rent. Life Happens. On the other hand, this is more the exception than the rule. Most tenants pay on time and live up to their obligation. As Edna in the Incredibles says, "luck favors the prepared."

In some cases, like with our VA clients, this scenario makes sense. With our clients that have access to over 20% down payments, this also makes sense. It's all about the numbers and what you are comfortable with. Some of our clients don't want to be landlords. I get that and it's not for everyone.

Hire me when ready!

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I speak as if I was still a cop. Protecting and serving my clients' real estate needs. Isn't that what this is about when you hire a realtor? Finding someone that will watch out for your money as if it was theirs? Assuming they are good with theirs :)

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