Santa Clarita open house websiteThanks for signing up for my Santa Clarita open house notifications. I will keep you informed after I build you your very own open house alert. It won't take me long and I'll make it my priority.

Read Top 10 Reasons for not working with the seller's agent!

I have also sent you these three warnings via email if you filled out our Santa Clarita Open Houses Form. BE awesome and I'm sure we will speak soon!

BTW - Santa Clarita Home Experts (dot com) is a fully interactive multiple listing service website and it is mine, meaning it does not share any of your information and I keep it SPAM Free! You can feel safe as thousands of others have by using it as a resource site that has all the "real and actual" home listings for sale.

It's Connor - a few things you should know about open houses to keep you safe are these three.

1. The agent hosting the open house is most times, not the actual agent who's name is on the sign. (validation of one of my top 10 reasons to never work with the listing agent)

2. Some open houses are held at homes that are not on the market or which have already entered escrow - but are being used as "tests" or in the case of wanting "back up" offers.

3. Signing the agent's sheet, with your personal information, even at the supposed request of the homeowner is going to get your phone ringing and email blowing up. Tell them you have an agent and it's Connor with HONOR. They will most likely know who I am and stand down their high-pressure tactics.

I love saving my clients time and money. I do this by our in-office meeting. We sit down together and we delve into the real estate market. I ask the right questions while listening and proving a valuable insight into specific areas that exactly match what you are looking for. 

You are not going to find the same experience with anyone else. I know this because of the accolades that I have received by the clients that give me the hour of their time to save them literally hundreds on non-verifiable research online or meeting with a substandard real estate agent.

I'm here for you and will be reaching out with the open house listings. When you are ready to meet call me 661.400.1720 and I'll help you. I'm Connor MacIvor and Glad to be at your service.