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What a great day - The Santa Clarita valley is showing off It's wares, blue skies, a slight breeze and cool weather, for now at least.

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We have one of our Top Buyers agents hosting an open house in Valencia CA - located in the Summits - she is going to be on her way shortly. Just google Berault Court - It's in Valencia CA...

This is a pre-marketing open house. It is not within the Multiple Listing Service, but it is within contract. The thing you need to watch out for is agents that will lie to you about the status of a particular property. Paris911.com/MultipleListingService

That is where our Santa Clarita real estate search app comes in handy. You can stand at the home you are visiting during the open house - open our local Santa Clarita GPS enabled search app, and find out if the home is truly for sale, or of the agent lied to you about it being on the market.

You can also check the status of the real estate listing. Maybe it's in escrow with an offer, but the agent is using it to gain leads. This way, while searching with our App - you can play Detective Columbo.

Here are the two download portals for our Real Estate search app for the Santa Clarita cities:

Paris911.com/AndroidApp - click on this link to get our Home Search app for your android phone.

Paris911.com/AppleApp - Click on this link to get our app for your apple phone.

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