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During the first several months of 2019, it was a great and fast-paced real estate market. We did not have the inventory to make a GREAT showing, but we did have a lot of real estate buyers very interested in our market.

Then we had the midsummer Lag of 2019, after that, the market has not been as robust as we would have thought.

There are sellers that want to sell, but not in the numbers that seem to make the real estate buyers confident they are going to have the right home to buy, versus renewing a lease or selling to move up/down/sideways.

Transcript of Santa Clarita real estate news show and timestamps

Santa Clarita real estate news by the Santa Clarita home expertsConnor Macivor:     00:00          It's good for everybody called him that guy ever. Remax is Paris nine one one team, Santa Clarita home experts. We bring you the latest information with regards to real estate here in the Santa Clarita Valley cities. That's gonna include the cities of Kenny country, Castaic new hall, Saugus Stevenson ranch, Valencia. Act in an awkward Dole. Say where we're most active. When you're listening to the radio show, if you want to get information on another city, give me a shout out Santa Clarita, home experts.com more than happy to take great care of you. Just go to the website. You'll see all my contact information, phone number, yours truly [inaudible] and any information that you offer or give up stays in my protective custody. Don't have to worry about getting spammed. Don't have to worry about a whole bunch of people contacting you for nonsense. I'm in the real estate business for the longterm.

Connor Macivor:     00:52          Been doing it 20 years so far since 1988 and I am, excuse me, 1998 that I am going to be going at it for as long as I potentially can, so please enjoy the show. Let's get into the broadcast. Talking about online systems for real estate valuations. I came across one of the systems that tell you, Hey, what's your home worth? And that's the kind of inquiry that you might ask for on Google. How much is my Valencia home worth? Or how much are my sagas home worth? You're going to see a lot of ads on that page, no matter what system you're using, being Google, any of the large search engines. In fact, if you go into Facebook, you'll see those types of ads built around that keyword search phrase, and that's because when somebody's asking what their home is worth, that is worth money to these different companies that are selling your information as leads to real estate agents, paying for it to loan officers, lenders, mortgage brokers, banks, grocery stores, big-box stores, your home improvement warehouses.

Connor Macivor:     01:58          All of these entities pay good money to get your information. And you know as well as I, I don't think there's much privacy anymore. However, you can save yourself a little bit of heartache because these people are the hard pulling at the end of the sales community where they're actually gonna reach out to you. They're going to dial your phone number, they're going to send you emails, they're going to send you letters, they're going to potentially door knock your residence right after you give up your information online. A better system, a safer place would be if you have your own agent reach out to them and say, Hey Jack, what's my home currently worth? And show me the data that corresponds to that. Hopefully, Jack will do that. If you don't have an agent, contact us Santa clue to home experts.com and I personally will pull out information and data and send it over to you.

Connor Macivor:     02:51          Now the difference is, and I wanted to bring this up, we had a client has a house we're going to be putting on the market soon researching the data. One of the real estate websites was undervaluing, and these are syndication sites, by the way, they're undervaluing our seller's property at over $75,000 so what are they missing? Well, they're missing the actual MLS data fee. They're looking at public, publicly recorded sales, and sometimes those don't all get posted as they should. Of course, there are mistakes that happen in all industries on the multiple listing service in, there's an enforcement mechanism though, and that's gotta be the board of realtors. So if an agent doesn't put in that correct price, it's double-checked by the board, then the board will reach out and either find them or suspend them or do something that makes them do it the right way.

Connor Macivor:     03:43          That's the enforcement arm of it. So that data that you're going to get directly from a real tour. Somebody that's a member of the local association of realtors in California where we are in Santa Clarita, that's going to be the Southland regional association. Then also a member I am of car California association of realtors and the NAR national association of realtors. Anyway, he got all the credentials in the world. Hopefully, that equates to somebody being up and performing to be able to perform very well above and beyond somebody without the credentials. But you know, that's not always true. Either. The present company excluded. Now, look at the online valuations. Again, be careful giving up your name, your phone number, your address, your email. All of these items are ways for the people that are out there picking the low hanging fruit to get that information and contact you and harass you.

Connor Macivor:     04:39          Now, besides valuations, a lot of people want to know what's going on in the market. Understand, of course, a lot of the real estate articles out there are built around you doing something, making you do something, being that catalyst that says, you know what? I think they're right. Maybe I want to sell my house now. Maybe I should buy real estate now. Whatever it is. We see this happening a lot in real estate circles and as I go through the real estate blogs online, if you've got a Santa Clarita home experts.com the very top, you'll click on blog, scroll down and you'll be able to see all the articles that we write several a week related to the real estate market related to the games played related to how you can best protect yourself when it comes to real estate. How to learn about it and how to find that consummate real estate expert in the particular area where you're interested in buying or selling or renting or whatever.

Connor Macivor:     05:34          Now we've been doing this, let's say, like I said, 20 years and the majority of that time has been full time, but I do have my partner, which is my wife. We do have a team in place. However, my team doesn't deal with the people that listen to my radio show, that people that contact us as far as Paris and I are concerned, there's only a certain amount of deals we can take care of every month without causing people to say, what the hell? Why isn't this service better or so? And you know, including that, that sort of a commentary, we always keep it to about 10 so we have about 10 transactions we could do every single month. That's buyers and sellers total. More than that than other people need to get involved. And we've found that our clients don't like that. Our clients come to us because they know that they're going to be handled by her and I and that's it.

Connor Macivor:     06:27          There's not going to be other people contacting them as members of our team. There's not going to be other people going to their house and evaluating it. There's not going to be other people taking them out and showing them real estate listings for sale if they want to buy. They're dealing directly with her and I. That's super accountability and that's the best way we found operate our business. We had those large teams in place. The difficulty is, and the problem pertaining to a large team is typically people are hiring the team leader because they're the ones that have been in the industry a long time, and the team leader is then pawning them off or handing them to, or giving them to one of their members of their team, one of the members of their team. Well, if something goes wrong, which in real estate, a lot of times there's a lot of mess when it comes to selling and buying real estate.

Connor Macivor:     07:20          When something gets a little quirky, then these people want to know where, where, where's the agent that I hired? Whereas this Connor mic Iver and they want to talk to Connor, so they call me and they say, well, you know, you let us work with Melinda here. Melinda's been showing us houses, but you know we've been riding offers. We haven't heard anything back from Melinda. Well, folks, that's like the number one complaint in real estate. I'm talking to you. Listen to the radio show now, not these clients. That's the number one complaint is communication. So an agent that doesn't have the wherewithal and the fortitude to stand up and say, this is what's going on. I'm not able to get this agent to contact me. That's not unusual. But this is why. This is the email I sent. This is the text message I sent the voicemail.

Connor Macivor:     08:04          I said I've even stepped it up to ask their office manager for the agent to contact me or I reached out to Connor and said, Connor, this is Melinda. I wrote up a, an offer for Bob and Joyce and I haven't heard back from you, you know Sam, Sam Fauchon, the other agent on the other side. Can you please help me with this? That's the issue, so when we're dealing with people directly because we've been in the business for so long, they get it. Other agents will contact us back, but when they're dealing with somebody that we had on our team a while back, they don't know who they are and it's almost a case of them believing that this person is not worthy of them contacting back. It's, it's a strange, strange business but that's where it is. That's why we only take a certain amount of clients every month and handle just about that amount of closings every month.

Connor Macivor:     08:58          We don't go over it just because the fact of the matter is it's just getting too complicated and the client starts to suffer and I will not have a client suffer buyer-seller under my watch period and Paris is of agreement now check us out online, Santa Clarita, home experts.com also when you're going online to do anything that's an awesome search engine. All of your personal [inaudible] personal information is protected. You have my word. Nobody else is going to see who you are. Nobody else is going to reach out and contact you. Nobody else is going to harass you or bother you. I've caught him at Guiver. We are coming to the middle of November 2019 we will be speaking with you. We have a property coming on the market, a Santa Clarita property in Valencia. It's a sunrise model, so if you're looking for that, we have that coming up this weekend, and then we also have one across from Henry Mayo hospital. I believe it's in a tempo tract that's coming on. It's been rehabbed, beautiful house that's coming on near the end of the month, the weekend after Thanksgiving. I'm calling back. I ever, if you need us, let me know. Please. SantaClaritahome experts.com check it out. I will be with you when you're ready. (661) 400-1720 Connor McGuyver over and out.

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