If it is Monday - why does it feel like any other day besides Monday.  First reason is probably because of my better half being in Las Vegas training.

The Second reason is probably because I am missing my better half and real estate partner, Paris...

If you must have a third reason - I deleted, mistakenly, a lot of stock photos from DropBox when syncing yesterday and that could have defeated a "lesser" Realtor :)

She will be home soon enough and now on with the show.

Updates for Monday in Santa Clarita CA - May 13, 2013:

  • Mothers day was great - happy belated mothers day to all mothersSanta Clarita is our life
  • Real Estate news - two video's posted about real estate inventory
  • Both have been posted up on our Realtor Blog for the Santa Clarita Valley Cities
  • Make sure your agent is well known, but not in a bad way
  • Do some on-line searching
  • Where is your real estate agent placing on-line?
  • How do they interact on Social Media
  • Are they personable?  Or Are they introverts and never leave the office/home?
  • Are they a conman or a con woman?
  • What kind of tools do they have to give you access too?
  • Tools that will give you an edge when it comes to searching for homes that are for sale.
  • In order to for a realtor to get the real estate listings on their website, it needs "authorization".
  • It's all about Enforcement - kind of like when I was with the LAPD.
  • There are issues that come up by real estate agents attempting to manipulate the data.
  • You cannot only be a Realtor - For an agent to bring you these tools - they have to have a brokerage
  • Or they have to be a brokerage.  Permission must be obtained to get the listings.
  • There is a signed agreement in place between the IDX, Internet Data Exchange
  • The Real Estate agent and their brokerage - with another agreement with the Boards of Realtors.
  • The syndication sites for real estate cannot do this.  They are going to monetize your leads.
  • They do not make their profits by representing you in the sales of real estate
  • We posted 6 of our most frequented real estate blogs at the bottom of our main Santa Clarita Realtors home page.
  • We have all of the REMAX international video's posted on our REMAX of Valencia CA blog.
  • Couple a well known local real estate brand with a well known international brand equals better performance for real estate buyers and sellers
  • Subscribe for FREE - we don't hammer, we are gentle and only update our clients that have "opted in" every two weeks.
  • We have a Top Producing REMAX Real Estate Team in place to assist all of our clients.
  • Our Short Sale Negotiator is on our direct staff, and who's job is to get through the gate keeper at the banks.
  • To access our Santa Clarita real estate daily show - feel free to head over to the Main Website for Santa Clarita Valley real estate and to type into the MacBoX the word Daily.

Be safe - Search well and thanks for reading and listening to our real estate updates.