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Home foreclosures decline in June
Wicked Local
Warren Group CEO Timothy Warren Jr. said the drop in foreclosures since May is a good sign. “I believe that an improving economy, more jobs and an active real estate market are having an impact and giving us a moderating trend in foreclosures,” he said ...
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Maryland leads nation in foreclosures
Washington Examiner
Maryland had the nation's highest foreclosure rate this spring, a new survey has found, and the flood on the market could drag down home values in the state. Nearly 2 percent -- or 20000 -- of Maryland's 1.1 million loans included in the survey were ...
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Mitt's Many Mansions and the Foreclosure Crisis
It is time for reporters following Mitt to start asking him some questions about the crisis we face in our housing markets. Housing is a topic that Mitt should know something about. After all, his father George served as the nation's housing secretary ...
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Tulsa-area home foreclosures continuing to decline
Tulsa World
The monthly increase was enough to bump up Oklahoma's position to the state with the 27th highest rate of foreclosures. The nation as a whole had an average foreclosure rate of one for every 686 households, down 3 percent for the month and 9.8 percent ...
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Mortgage accord slowly helps homeowners
San Francisco Chronicle
It also requires banks to provide a single point of contact and bars them from dual tracking - pursuing foreclosures while homeowners seek loan modifications. "There are two moving parts here: loan modifications and customer treatment, and we have seen ...
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San Francisco Chronicle
The home nobody wants: Neither owners, nor bank, nor HOA can take over...
Palm Beach Post
The home was abandoned around 2008 when a foreclosure was filed and after a botched spine operation, a permanent disability, a multimillion-dollar settlement, accusations of neglect, and a divorce made it feel like the end of the world. Palm Beach ...
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The rate of foreclosures for those more than 50 years old has increased faster ...
The overall serious delinquency rate of those under 50 is still higher than the over-50 group, but the relative increase in foreclosures shows that the older generation was not immune to the housing bubble. Additionally, the AARP report shows that ...
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Chicago Communities Demand Eviction Moratorium
In These Times
The event, sponsored by the groups Communities United AgainstForeclosure and Eviction (CUAFE), Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign (CAEC), and Centro Autonomo of Albany Park, was billed as a chance for local politicians to hear the concerns of those ...
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Birmingham home sales drop 4% in July after rising for 6 months
The Birmingham News - al.com (blog)
Foreclosures also continue to account for a healthy chunk of overall sales. There were 261 foreclosure sales last month, or 27 percent of the total. The average foreclosure sale price was $82011, while the average non-foreclosure sale price was $248893.
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The Birmingham News - al.com (blog)

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Where are all the foreclosures? » Business » SalemNews.com ...
By By Mark Huffman
Despite predictions that a massive settlement between the states and five mortgage servicers would unleash a flood of foreclosures this year, the flo.
SalemNews.com, Salem, MA Business

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Local foreclosures down from last year, up from June - seattlepi.com
Foreclosure filings fell locally and nationwide last month from July 2011, but that's just part of the picture. Filings were down 23 percent in King County, 1.6 ...