We have added a new area to our Paris911 Real Estate Searches. Presenting Palmdale and Lancaster Real Estate - you will be able to view all of the listings that are in Palmdale California - the benefit of using our services is the fact that we are with two different Boards of Realtors. Both contain all of the listings that are for sale in Palmdale and Lancaster California.

Here is the scoop, there are some agents who have Brokers that are not members of GAVAR - Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors, that means when they take a listing on a home for sale in Lancaster or Palmdale, whether Foreclosure, Regular or Short Sale, they are not putting that listing into the Antelope Valley Board of Realtors.  They are only entering it into their Local Board.

If you are using a realtor from that Local Board and not the Lancaster/Palmdale Board of Realtors - GREAT - you will see that listing.  However, you not being represented to the full extent of an agent's ability.  If you are using an agent that has access to the GAVAR Board of Realtors - which is the cornerstone of Real Estate in the Antelope Valley - then you are only covered, in some cases, only half way.

But, if you are using an agent, like us :-) - That has access and memberships to both the Southland Regional Association of Realtors and the Greater Antelope Valley Association of Realtors - then you have the best of both worlds - you will see every single listing that is for sale.  GAVAR has always been a bit protective of their data and listing content.  They run a tight ship when it comes to the agents that are working within the AV and their dissemination of Data.  Thereby protecting the homeowners, whether Banks, private persons or persons in distress.  I applaud them.

Here is the Map showing just Palmdale and Lancaster Listings with the feed of the 25 newest listings that are on the market for sale below the map.  If you are looking in the AV for Real Estate - Want to sell a home in Palmdale or Lancaster - give us a yell and we will take great care of you and yours.

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