Good Help is Hard to Find.  Motivated help that can ascribe to the ways of "The Paris911 Team" is even harder.

FYI - Internships also available - call for details...

I'm all about training.  I love to motivate.  It is my passion to make great Sales People the best they can be.  You may be our next superstar real estate agent

We write so much content and we are at the top of the Search Engines - we have leads galore.  In fact, we are blessed with too many.  However, I will not give my clients to Just anyone.  We need good help.  We currently have full time people in place along with Paris and I.  However, we have room for more buyers agents.

If you have a real estate license and have had a hard time making ends meet with your real estate career - you may want to re-think being on your own and team up with a top producing real estate team at REMAX of Santa Clarita CA.

All you have to do is "Google" the most Used(expensive) keywords in the Santa Clarita Valley Real Estate world to see how we place within the "organic search results".  Those that are searching for real estate in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities are calling us!

This is what we are looking for in a Buyers Agent.

  • Full Time commitment
  • Motivated
  • Honest to a fault
  • Straight shooter
  • 6 months of reserves (If I were to give you 10 buyers the same day in which you were hired - it'd take at least 45 days to see a commission check - so hence this reason)
  • Willing to Learn by the Numbers about Lead Generation - Client Care - Internet Marketing

Hiring Buyers Agents in Santa Clarita California at REMAXUnlike in an internship where you may not earn any $$$.  We pay our Buyers agents handsomely.  There is no hourly wage, nor any salary - you will be paid for the deals you close.

Weekends, holidays and weekdays are going to need coverage.  Buyers Agents will also need to fulfill floor time requests where leads are obtained coming into REMAX of Santa Clarita CA when people call.  The only time Buyers Agents will need to come into the office will be twice a week to check in, update and attend training.  We also provide "open houses" and training in the "right ways" to help the real estate browsing public.

If you think you have what it takes to work with a Top Producing Real Estate team that has a client focus - send your resume to .  You may also verbally communicate by telephone. :)

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