Nothing has really changed, except the fact that Foreclosure filings are increasing. You can watch the current distressed inventory specifically in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities - Here are a couple of great examples of today's REO and distressed inventory compared with everything else.

This map is the Total Real Estate inventory for sale in all of the Santa Clarita Valley Cities.

real estate for sale in the Santa Clarita Valley
All inventory snapshot 11/12/2012 at 1339hrs

As you can see - the total inventory for sale includes the Single Family Residences, Condo's, townhomes - multi unit buildings to 4 units, every single residential real estate home for sale.  The above numbers also include all of the various sales types.  Standard, Short Sale, pre foreclosures, bank owned, real estate owned, court ordered and probate.  Everything that is currently on the market and showing as "Active".  

You may be curious of how this search engine, powered by the internet data exchange, stacks up against the real estate syndication websites.  They show quite a few more listings.  With further inquiring I found what the "differences in listings" between my IDX search engine and those websites was.  It was the fact that some of the real estate syndication websites were showing those listings that were sold or in escrow.  I also noted that some of the real estate syndication websites were showing listings that were in the foreclosure process but were not for sale at the present time.  However, "joe consumer" would have no way of knowing that.  They'd give up their personal information way before they found out they had been duped. :(


This map is the Distressed real estate for sale only in the Santa Clarita Valley Cities

Foreclosures and short sales currently for sale in the SCV
Distressed inventory as of 11/12/2012 at 1340hrs

This inventory is only distressed homes and other residential housing types in all of the Santa Clarita Cities.  You can see that the numbers are over 65% distressed in most cases.  Further inspection reveals that the majority of the inventory on the map above are short sale in nature.  Check back often.  Use the BEST search resources you can find and please let us know when you are ready for our help with your real estate needs.

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